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Easter Boating ♥

Yet another lengthy gap in between blog posts for the poor Poppy Files!  I am finding it more and more of a challenge to devote the time needed to blog as often as I would like, which invariably requires me to import my photos, painstakingly pick and edit the best shots and then feel inspired to write in a captivating way.  It doesn’t help that I am a ‘Type-A perfectionist’ and sometimes it is just easier not to do it!!

However, I have finally collated the photos from our recent Easter break.  I’m only a month late, but we had the most divine boating trip to the East Coast of Tasmania this year.  It certainly helped that the weather was absolutely superb for the eleven days we were away – enabling us to really enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

We left Hobart in calm waters and enjoyed smooth cruising through the Denison Canal and Marion Bay before reaching Orford on dusk.  On Good Friday we hung out at East Shelley Beach, drenched in that feeling of knowing you have ten more days of boating bliss … to really feel the sand between your toes, to fish, to laugh, to play and to go to bed early to watch Netflix as you gently bob under a sky full of stars.

On Easter Saturday we ventured further North to the Freycinet Peninsula, where the stars are even brighter and the water is bluer!

We met up with our friends, Richard and Anna and their boys, where we enjoyed a couple of days together before they returned to Hobart.  Easter Bunny even found us at Bryans Corner and James literally ate his weight in Easter Eggs.

For the rest of the week, we synced into the beauty of this place through long walks on desolate beaches, kayaking on crystal blue water, fishing, beachcombing and spending quality family time together.  We ventured around to the other side of the Freycinet Peninsula to Wineglass Bay for three nights where Poppy celebrated her 6th Birthday.

Her celebrations included presents, a morning tea with new boating friends, jumping off the boat, frolicking dolphins and fish and chips for dinner!  What a perfect place to celebrate a birthday?

On Friday we returned back to our familiar Southern waters for one more night, after what was, a truly unforgettable time together.  Xx


A Snowy Boating Long Weekend


When Nick and I bought our first boat ‘Tagus’ in 2008, we would head away on adventures together and end up hanging out with his parent’s and all their boating friends.  We were always the youngest ones with the smallest boat.  We would have great fun but as the year’s have crept by and our own family has grown (1 dog + 2 children) we have upgraded to ‘Spellbound’ (a 36 ft Fairway motor cruiser) and have met a new bunch of ‘young’ boating friends.  We are now no longer the youngest ones with the small boat!

This Hobart Show Day Long Weekend was a perfect example.  Meeting at Missionary Bay on Bruny Island on Thursday afternoon, we were surrounded by our friends who now have their own boats and we even outnumbered the ‘oldies’!

Even though it was a little cold and wet this weekend, that didn’t stop us from having fun.  It is so fantastic sitting side-by-side around a fire with people from different generations, as you stare into the flames, dodge the smoke, turn your sausages and chat away, knowing you have one very special thing in common – boating to beautiful places in Tasmania.

James in my black hole bag James and a dolphin Missionary Bay Missionary Bay Sauso's Harry and Pops Harry and Pops Missionary Bay New generation James being pampered Missionary Bay Missionary Bay Missionary Bay Missionary Bay Missionary Bay The Girls at Missionary Bay Indy and James James Bruny Island Dinghies Faye and James Dinghy's Spellbound Marshmallows Marshmallow Marshmallow Marshmallow BBQ Cool dude James Cool dude James BBQ Campfire Nicko Barb & Amanda Simpsons Bay Poppy Simpsons Bay My family Stacks on Maisy Pancakes Spellbound and Mistraal Mistraal Apollo Bay Barb's platter Dam building James, Maisy and I Muddy feet Highfield Dinghies Rainy bbq Hail strom at Apollo Bay Funny Faces Funny Faces Funny Faces Funny Faces Funny Faces


I’m back …

Garden Blossoms

After a long absence, I am finally back here at The Poppy Files!  I am finding it increasingly difficult to find/make the time for my on-line space, with competing demands of work, time away and of course spending quality time with family.

I really love this time of year – with the blossoms in the air, the longer days and a warmer sun (albeit lots of recent rain), you can’t help but feel a little more spirited!

Our garden is in full bloom at the moment with some amazing colours complementing each other:

Garden Blossoms Garden Blossoms Lily

Several weeks ago we went away on the boat for a couple of nights.  We stayed at the Kettering Marina on the first night and then headed further South and up the Huon River for the next night where we enjoyed the Pipe Opener Yacht Race as we soaked up the sun at Port Huon.  We retreated home the next day as the rain consistently fell:

Leaving Hobart Kettering Marina Kettering Leaving Kettering Leaving Kettering Bruny Island Jamesy Pipe Opener Yacht Race Pipe Opener Yacht Race Huon River Huon River Huon River Huon River Huon River Huon River Huon River Maisy - Huon River Poppy and Maisy Wet Weather Pirates

We also went along to an Open Day celebrating the anniversary of Hobart’s Town Hall turning 150 this year on Sunday 25th September:

Hobart Town Hall Hobart Town Hall Hobart Town Hall Hobart Town Hall Hobart Town Hall Hobart Town Hall Hobart Town Hall Hobart Town Hall Celebrations Hobart Town Hall Celebrations Hobart Town Hall Celebrations Hobart Town Hall Celebrations Hobart Town Hall Celebrations Hobart Town Hall Celebrations

During the following weeks at home, we went to the movies with friends, picked daisies, enjoyed Hobart, played Monopoly, did Parent Help at Poppy’s Kindergarten and admired their amazing art work:

Kinder Artwork

Holiday movie Monopoly Monopoly Poppy's Raffle Prize - RYCT Melting Moments James and his daisy Hobart

Last weekend we did a day trip to Apollo Bay on Bruny Island in the boat with family and friends, for a BBQ and more beach time for the cousins:

Apollo BayApollo BayApollo Bay Apollo Bay

And finally – yesterday was my Birthday and I was very spoilt by my family and friends.  Although I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, it was so humbling to receive such lovely Birthday wishes from friends, near and far, that I haven’t seen in a long, long time.  Nick and I went out to dinner last night with our dear friends to Frank Restaurant, for an amazing meal and celebration of being another year older!  (eek)  Xx

Cup cakes Birthday Love Jamesy Boy Jamesy Boy Poppy's Birthday Card


Take Me to Rio


On Wednesday night, I took Poppy along to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s Family Concert series – Take Me to Rio:

Take Me To Rio is a celebration of all things Latin American.

What are you waiting for?  Wear your samba shoes, take your place in the conga line and join the party in 2016.

You don’t need to go to Rio.  Simply book your ticket and be comfy in your seat at the Federation Concert Hall.

It was a very entertaining show, complete with fantastic classical music, humour and even a conga line at the end of the concert, where Pops joined in and ended up on stage!  I love how the Orchestra don’t take themselves too seriously at these fabulous ‘family friendly’ concerts!

Poppy Take Me to Rio Take Me to Rio Conga Poppy on stage


A Winter Treat

Winter Feast

I have always loved winter – I was married in the depths of August, I love skiing and rugging up in hats, scarves, coats and poms poms.  I am thankful that being a Tasmanian through and through, I am able to experience four distinct seasons each year, with winter being one of my favourites.  The soft sunlight, the crisp blue skies, the bare branches and of course … Dark Mofo!  The festival that has changed the face of winter in Hobart.

A festival that draws Tasmanian’s out from their cosy homes and into their black puffer jackets.  A festival that attracts visitors to our State in droves – where Hipsters converge on Hobart from many varied addresses to partake in the bizarre, to sample hearty food and to enjoy a Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch, whilst soaking up some quirky art and culture.

We have been in a Dark Mofo frenzy for the past two weeks – from the opening night with Poppy and James; to a date night where Nick and I were able to explore more of Dark Park; a Winter Feast; a walk through historic Battery Point; staying on the boat in Elizabeth Street Pier as part of a Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania Cruising event and finally … a procession with thousands of others for the Ogah Ogah – The Burning, to culminate our festivities.

As we are about to snuggle down for the longest night of the year, we are now back to our normal routine and will definitely not be partaking in the Nude Solstice Swim just down the road, in the morning.  I do love winter … but not that much!

Dark MofoDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkTMAGTMAGTMAGDark MofoWinter Feast Winter Feast IMG_0723Winter Feast Winter Feast HobartDark Park Dark Park Dark Park House of Mirrors House of Mirrors Dark Park Dark ParkWinter Feast Winter FeastBattery Point Battery Point Battery Point Battery PointElizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. PierElizabeth St. PierElizabeth St. Pier T42 Beautiful Hobart Beautiful Hobart Franklin SquareFranklin SquareBrooke St. Pier Faye and JamesHobart James One shoe roll Winter CruisingThe Burning The Burning The Burning The Burning The Burning The BurningThe Burning The Burning The Burning


Australian Traveller

Australian Traveller Magazine

I am so pleased to see the new issue of Australian Traveller magazine hit the stands this week, after working on the shoot with Tourism Tasmania in the summer.

So now that the magazine is published I can disclose that the star of the show was … Megan Gale.  A true beauty showcasing a stunning part of Tasmania.  Grab yourself a copy this weekend.  Xx


Icena Farm Stay


My extended family all met at Icena Farm Accommodation for the ANZAC Day Long Weekend.  A farming family going on holidays to a another farm … classic!

Nick and I broke up our journey and stayed in Launceston on Friday night – where the Autumn leaves and light were amazing, before venturing out to Icena the next morning.

Chalmers ChurchThe Cateract GorgeThe Cateract GorgeThe Cateract GorgePaterson StreetAutumn LeavesChalmers ChurchChalmers ChurchSt. John Street

Icena is located on the far north-eastern tip of Tasmania – a special place for me as an amazing camping spot when I was younger, and later where I was a guide on the Bay of Fires Walk for several years.  Nick also had a family farm in the district when he was growing up and my brother spent many years harvesting on the Rushy Lagoon property.

In my opinion the region has it all – beautiful beaches, rolling green hills, bushwalks and even a wind farm!  The weather was absolutely glorious and we really did have an amazing time.

Mussleroe Bay Wind Farm

We had a cooking roster where you were allocated a meal and a sibling or brother/sister-in-law to cook with.  As a result, it was a very relaxing weekend apart from when you were in the kitchen cooking your assigned meal.

Janelle and Paul on the job

We had some fun and games on our last night, pulling out some hilarious masks that I bought years ago at The Louvre in Paris.  Masks that always add a little bit of humour in any situation.  Xx

Julius Caesar

James an PoppyBridportIcenaScrabbleChatting sistersWind FarmWind FarmWind FarmWind FarmWind FarmWind FarmLittle Mussleroe BayLittle Mussleroe BayLittle Mussleroe BayIcenaIcenaStumpys BayDolphinsStumpys BayStumpys BayStumpys BayStumpys BayStumpys BayStumpys BayWallabyMy MumMasksNinaRob & PaulMy DadIcenaIcenaThe CousinsThe GibsonsMy FamilyThe CousinsShells at Mariposa BeachShells at Mariposa BeachPoppy


Bruny Island Boating

Butlers Beach Detail - Bruny Island

I returned from the Bay of Fires on Friday afternoon and Nick had all the food and gear packed, ready to head away on the boat for the Long Weekend!

We joined Nick’s folks on their boat instead (a long story) and met up with our friends on South Bruny Island.  With predominately overcast skies and moody light we walked along desolate beaches, made giant sand castles, ate nice food, slept well and flew kites.

Another beautiful boating weekend to a beautiful island. Xx

Maisy, Pops and JamesHeading awayMike the Knight - craft on boardThe ChannelLunch on boardTeenager??Butlers BeachButlers BeachButlers BeachA very sandy JamesSand spaSand spaMercury and MistraalNickoProseccoProseccoJames' dinnerMercuryJames watering his Grandmother's herbsQuality TimePops and BearJames driving the dinghyThe crewSand MonkeySand MonkeySunday BBQMorning teaKite flyingKite FlyingLunchLunchJames learning the ropesPopsJames - Bruny IslandJames and Nicko


Christmas Festivities

Happy New Year!  We have had such a festive time since my last post, celebrating Christmas and New Year with both of our families in beautiful places.

We drove to the north of Tasmania to enjoy a pre-Christmas lunch with my family, on the farm.  It felt delicious being surrounded by everyone who had migrated home for this time of year (my sister Cath from exploring Europe for six months and Robby from Castlemaine).

The kids swam in the pool, were spoilt by their grandmother and enjoyed freshly picked raspberries from her garden.  As always, I enjoyed a little too much of my sister-in-law’s fab Rocky Road!  I just can’t stop at one piece.

Rocky Road


Returning to Hobart, preparations began for our boating trip away.  The boat was finally packed for a week full of adventures with food, clothing and Christmas presents.  We left early on the 23rd December to Stewart’s Bay where smooth waters allowed an enjoyable four-hour trip, and we arrived to the solitude of white sand and blue waters.

Nick’s family arrived the next day (by boat and car) and the days morphed into time at the beach, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, laying in the sun, eating, drinking champagne, opening presents, talking and just relaxing.

Poppy was overwhelmed with how Santa actually delivered a bike to her on the boat.  We were too!  It must have had something to do with the platter left out for the busy man and his reindeer on Christmas eve, consisting of carrots, biscuits and a Cascade Draught!

It was lovely to celebrate Christmas whilst being away on the boat and being surrounded by a gorgeous family in a such a stunning setting.  Xxx

Goodbye HobartCape RaoulStewart's BayStewart's BayHoliday modeMercuryStewart's BayLittle FishPickled PrawnsSanta's SnacksPoppy's new bikeChristmas BubblesThe Pink FlamingoWillPaddle Board LoveBeach CousinsChristmas BubblesHamMore seafoodMoetFrench ChampagneTrifleRainy day pick upRainy Boxking DayBuzz LightyearBeach detailStewart's Bay LodgeNick, James and meBBQSaladsSister-in-LawsLittle PiratesDay trip to Crescent BeachPoppy & RubyPoppy driving the dinghyLarniCape RaoulCape RaoulCape RaoulCape RaoulHobartChecking out the action Princes Street Wharf


Sailing : Hobart to Launceston

Dawn at Schouten Passage

There are times in life where all the stars align and you are presented with an opportunity that is just too good to refuse.  Our good friends are sailing in the Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race in their superb Beneteau 57 – Mistraal and I was asked to hop on board for the delivery trip.  How could I say no?

The crew consisted of five women – our Skipper, Jacinta and also Amanda, Colleen, Emma and one tolerant fella … Chris!  We all met at the Derwent Sailing Squadron in Hobart on Wednesday morning, where we headed off on a crystal clear day.  As the nautical miles ticked by, we ate, talked, laughed, took photos, ate more and well … just relaxed.

I soon found the rhythmic groove of cruising – sleeping, eating, lazing in the sun, watching the changing horizons, the rising and setting sun and the amazing marine wildlife.  We were visited by numerous dolphins and a show-stopping Humpback Whale who decided to wow us with the gorgeous backdrop of Cape Hauy on the Tasman Peninsula.

DolphinsDolphinsHumbpack Whale Breaching Whale breaching

Home is where my heart is, but I loved being away for a brief snippet and from the daily requests for the next sandwich, water, nappy change, bath-time, the bedtime battles and keeping everyone happy.  To me, there is nothing quite as indulgent than having a mid-day sleep whilst cruising at sea.  The gentle whir of the engine complimented by the roll of the sea, especially when there are no little ones on board to supervise.  In the end, Amanda and I used the excuse of going below to ‘wash up’ but would sneak off for another blissful kip.

To be on this beautiful yacht, cruising the majestic Tasmanian coastline with old and new friends, I felt truly content.  We arrived at our destination at day-break on Friday morning and I was excited to be heading home to ‘my crew’ but I will fondly remember this voyage and ‘this crew’!  xx

The crew passing Swan IslandThe CrewLoading on our gear Ned Kelly Leaving HobartCrew on deckCape RaoulDolphinsCape RaoulMistraalHeading towards Tasman Island Cape PillarCape PillarThe Mermaids (with crazy hair)! Cape PillarCaptivated by the geology Cape Pillar Cape Pillar Cape Pillar Cape PillarTasman Island Tasman IslandWhale Spotting JacintaLunch Jacinta Emma, Jacinta & AmandaEmmaAmanda & EmMaria Island Crazy Yacht Hair Maria Island Mistraal off Maria Island MistraalMistraal off Maria IslandSunsetSunset over Maria IslandDawn at Freycinet PeninisulaSunrise at FreycinetRed GraniteSunrise over Freycinet SunriseSunrise over FreycinetIMG_3924 Day BeersColleen's Lasagne! Dolphins Light reading SkipperSailingSailing IMG_3870SundownersIMG_3871 SundownerMistraal Our gearOur Gear Our destination MistaalOur mafia van

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