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Oh Hobart ♥

I love a good sticky-beak and what better opportunity where one that is encouraged and expected!

Open House Hobart opened the doors of many amazing buildings in Hobart last weekend, for you to have a little bo-beep.

Unfortunately we only managed to see two homes this year due to limited time and School Fair commitments, but both were great.  The first was a home in Boa Vista Road in North Hobart – an original 1940’s Art-Deco home, with its many original features in tact.

The other was The Barn, a converted stables in West Hobart that I just loved!  I could have moved in – albeit a little small for all of us!

This long derelict 1829 Georgian barn on the fringe of the Hobart CBD was once part of the stables of Goulburn Street’s Bull’s Head Hotel.  Made of local sandstone and convict bricks, it also features a 45 degree pitched roof-perfect for generous loft living.  The nine by five metre footprint was built for purpose and economy; the ground floor accommodated four stalls and the 45 degree pitched roof allowed for generous loft storage.  Although modest in size (a mere 62 square metres) the stable is rich in history, texture and olfactory delights.  The architects retained as much of the existing building fabric as possible and, where services and amenity were required, they provided ‘new insertions’.  It was important that, by doing so, all new work read differently to the existing and, as with any good relationship, the past and the present have space to breathe.  The architects used volume, outlook and a clear material strategy to define spaces and encourage variety and play.


Unite in Yellow

Unite in Yellow Lunch

I am blessed with amazing friends in my life and through Poppy, I have met even more amazing women who I love spending time with.  We have  children who are similar ages, who all go to the local schools in our area and where we bump into each other at school drop-off, Pilates, coffee catch-ups and play dates.

On Friday, a bunch of these gorgeous friends donned their heels, frocked up and caught the ferry out to Mona to attend the Unite in Yellow Lunch for Cancer Council Tasmania.

Unite in Yellow Lunch

Same Cause.  New Colour.  Yellow is the new Pink!  This event remains focused on raising awareness and funds for women’s cancers.  Donate to the Yellow Daffodil – our symbol of hope – ensuring all funds stay in Tasmania to support Tasmanians.

Denise Scott will be bringing the laughs this year. MONA will again serve up the finest gourmet food and wine in Tasmania and we are working on providing the best items for you to peruse in our famous silent auction.

We enjoyed a beautiful lunch, laughed at Denise Scott’s wit, raised money and caught the ferry back, where we continued on at Grape in Salamanca.

We stayed out way past our children’s bedtimes and it was such a pleasure to be surrounded by a group of women that are so lovely, supportive and truly beautiful.  Xx

Mona Ferry Mona Ferry Mona Unite in Yellow Lunch Unite in Yellow Lunch Unite in Yellow Lunch - Denise Scott Unite in Yellow - Em & I Anna, Em and I Mona Leaving Mona The Girls Mona Em The Girls The Girls Mona Anna, Em and Amy More bubbles Grape Anna and I Too many laughs! Alice, Anna and I The Girls The Girls Grape Furry Em


Australian Antarctic Festival

Australian Antarctic Festival

On Sunday, we went along to the Australian Antarctic Festival:

Hobart, Tasmania is located at 42 degrees south latitude, just 2692 kilometres from the nearest Antarctic continental base.  This location makes the city of Hobart Australia’s Antarctic port and a thriving centre for science, logistics, shipping and crew transport servicing the Southern Ocean, Sub-Antarctic Islands and Antarctica itself.

With a series of exhibitions, open days, school excursions, entertainments and lectures, we want to bring the Antarctic to you over four days.  Join us for a fascinating look at the work we do in the coldest, highest, driest and windiest place on earth.

We had a great time wandering through the exhibitions, climbing into the Hägglunds and the igloos, getting up close to the Aurora Australis, chasing balloons, seeing the Huskies and the pretty painted penguins from little local artists.

One day I might even get to experience the Antarctic in reality.  x

Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival img_3986Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic FestivalAustralian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic Festival Australian Antarctic FestivalAustralian Antarctic Festival


A New Season


Well hello there Spring – aren’t you delightful?

It has been such a busy time over the past several weeks, but it is fantastic to have the longer days, the slightly warmer temperatures and a different light.

I had an exciting night last Friday where my colleague, Nate Welch won the VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year at the Tasmanian Training Awards.

Poppy, James and I have been out and about at new local cafes, on bikes, scooters, climbing walls, swings, flying foxes and rocking horses!

We are also in the midst of potty training James, who is doing exceptionally well, despite a few accidents (and a few more loads of washing)!  Xx

IMG_3589 IMG_3500 IMG_3557 IMG_3565 IMG_3479 IMG_3464 IMG_3462 IMG_3424 IMG_3401 IMG_3398 IMG_3392 IMG_3372 IMG_3365 IMG_3300 IMG_3293 IMG_3290 IMG_3283 IMG_3263 IMG_3277 IMG_3261 IMG_3255 IMG_3253 IMG_3234 IMG_2725 IMG_2672 IMG_2593 IMG_2589 IMG_2584 IMG_2569


Snow ♥

Anne & Larni

Woo Hoo – what a fab weekend in Hobart, especially if you love snow!

The temperature gauge plummeted on Friday night and we woke up to a freezing Saturday morning.  Seeing the golden glow on Salamanca Place on my way to Pilates, I knew we had an exciting day ahead as there was a chill in the air.  When I got home, it was snowing at sea level!

After dragging out our snow gear we drove up to our friend’s place in Fern Tree.  Permission was granted from the Council fella for us to pass through the closed roads … we had friends to visit and Glühwein to drink!

Arriving at Anne and Pete’s ‘mountain home’ always feels as though you are in the depths of the wilderness, but are really only 20 minutes away from the State’s capital city.  It was even more special arriving to a ‘Winter Wonderland’ on Saturday – complete with a roaring fire, ‘Anton’ the deer, Glühwein bubbling away on the stove and a gaggle of little people pulling on their snow suits and boots ready for some backyard snow action.

We retreated inside as another storm passed through and I was kind of hoping we would get snowed in!  It wasn’t meant to be but it was such a special day spent with special friends.

Salamanca Snowing at home Snowing at home Huon RoadAnne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete'sAnne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Anne IMG_2183 Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Stormy Anne & Pete's IMG_2198 Anne & Pete's Anton Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete'sAnne & Pete's Anne & Pete's

On Sunday, the sun was shining but it was still freezing.  We rugged up again and ventured our for lunch with friends who were visiting from Launceston. xx



Winter Musings


Despite the crazy weather in Hobart over the past week we have braved the wintery conditions on several occasions and have enjoyed some action-packed activities.

These activities consisted of numerous cups of tea and play dates with old friends, private climbing walls, mural spotting and a scoot out to Gasp! (Glenorchy Arts & Sculpture Park).

Poppy had a party at The Faerie Shop for one of her school friends (also called Poppy) complete with crowns, glitter, wishing dust, balloons and lollies – what more could a bunch of five-year old faeries ask for?

Nick celebrated his birthday on Sunday and we had a family celebration at the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed for lunch.  The kids ran for miles on the green, green grass whilst we savoured the oysters and wine inside by the fire!

We saw snow in Hobart on Wednesday and today we have enjoyed more cups of tea and play dates with dear friends, whilst the wind blew!

Sam's Climbing Wall Sam's Climbing Wall Sam's Climbing Wall Sam's Climbing Wall Sam's Climbing WallStar Street Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!Party Time Party Time Faerie PartyPartySalamanca SquareBangor Wine & Oyster ShedBangor Wine & Oyster Shed Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed Bangor Wine & Oyster ShedBangor Wine & Oyster Shed Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed Bangor Wine & Oyster ShedBus Stop Bus Stop Little Mouse Blog


A Winter Treat

Winter Feast

I have always loved winter – I was married in the depths of August, I love skiing and rugging up in hats, scarves, coats and poms poms.  I am thankful that being a Tasmanian through and through, I am able to experience four distinct seasons each year, with winter being one of my favourites.  The soft sunlight, the crisp blue skies, the bare branches and of course … Dark Mofo!  The festival that has changed the face of winter in Hobart.

A festival that draws Tasmanian’s out from their cosy homes and into their black puffer jackets.  A festival that attracts visitors to our State in droves – where Hipsters converge on Hobart from many varied addresses to partake in the bizarre, to sample hearty food and to enjoy a Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch, whilst soaking up some quirky art and culture.

We have been in a Dark Mofo frenzy for the past two weeks – from the opening night with Poppy and James; to a date night where Nick and I were able to explore more of Dark Park; a Winter Feast; a walk through historic Battery Point; staying on the boat in Elizabeth Street Pier as part of a Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania Cruising event and finally … a procession with thousands of others for the Ogah Ogah – The Burning, to culminate our festivities.

As we are about to snuggle down for the longest night of the year, we are now back to our normal routine and will definitely not be partaking in the Nude Solstice Swim just down the road, in the morning.  I do love winter … but not that much!

Dark MofoDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkTMAGTMAGTMAGDark MofoWinter Feast Winter Feast IMG_0723Winter Feast Winter Feast HobartDark Park Dark Park Dark Park House of Mirrors House of Mirrors Dark Park Dark ParkWinter Feast Winter FeastBattery Point Battery Point Battery Point Battery PointElizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. PierElizabeth St. PierElizabeth St. Pier T42 Beautiful Hobart Beautiful Hobart Franklin SquareFranklin SquareBrooke St. Pier Faye and JamesHobart James One shoe roll Winter CruisingThe Burning The Burning The Burning The Burning The Burning The BurningThe Burning The Burning The Burning


Pattern Play

Pattern Play

We have had a busy time in the past week since returning from Jackson Hole.

It has been so beautiful being back home with our little family and even though I didn’t miss the numerous loads of washing, school lunches and bedtime battles whilst away, there certainly is no place like home.

Last Friday I took Poppy and James to enjoy Pattern Play at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery:

Pattern Play

An interactive family exhibition celebrating the wonderful world of patterns, Pattern Play incorporates two exhibitions: Jemima Wyman: Pattern Bandits, a Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) Touring Exhibition, and Patterns in Nature, an exhibition drawing on TMAG’s own rich collections.

Pattern Play

It was fantastic and I especially loved the Patterns in Nature Exhibition:

Patterns in Nature highlights the many spectacular patterns that occur in the natural world – spots and stripes, spirals and speckles, natural number patterns and patterns of behaviour are all elements that can form the patterns we see every day.

It uses items from TMAG’s much-loved science collections and interactive elements to engage visitors with the patterns that occur in nature, with particular reference to Tasmanian plants and animals.

Pattern Play

We had a day trip on the boat on Saturday with family and friends and then an expiring voucher for Frank Restaurant inspired a family lunch on Sunday.  Sublime!  xx

Pattern PlayPattern PlayPattern PlayPattern PlayPattern PlayPattern PlayPattern Play Pattern Play Pattern Play Pattern PlayPattern Play Pattern Play Pattern Play Pattern PlayPattern Play Pattern Play Pattern Play Pattern PlayPattern PlayPattern PlayBoat TripFrank FrankFrankFrankFrankFrankFrank


Cousin Love


Last weekend we had Poppy and James’ cousin – Maggie, stay with us for two days.  Nick was also away and so our little tribe had an action packed weekend.

On Saturday morning we braved the crowds and went to the Myer Christmas Pageant in Hobart – a tradition for the past four years!  Both Maggie and Poppy were captivated and waved to every float for over an hour!

We had a play date with school friends in the afternoon and then the girls were allowed to stay up late (8:30 pm) and watch a Barbie Ballerina movie!  They were in heaven.

The next morning we met our friends, Fiona and Poppy at Smolt for breakfast where Fiona has devised the best breakfast for kids at a restaurant … Bacon and Ice cream!  It went down a treat and kept them amused long enough for us to have a decent adult conversation.

We went to the park and beach to expend the energy from breaky and then garden play at home for the rest of the day.

With only a few tense moments between them, we all had a great time and Maggie didn’t want to go home.  This was Poppy’s first ‘sleep-over’ experience and I am sure there will be many more in the coming years!  x

Christmas Pageant Christmas Pageant Christmas Pageant Christmas Pageant Christmas Pageant Christmas Pageant Smolt Smolt Salamanca Nutgrove Park Nutgrove Park Nutgrove Park Nutgrove Park Nutgrove Park Nutgrove Beach Nutgrove Beach Teepee


Boat Licence

Boat Licence

I have been meaning to get my boat licence for quite some time now and last week, I finally manage to jump on a course at the RYCT and pass all the requirements.

When away on our boat, I am more than capable of steering and getting us to where we need to go, but when it comes to maneuvering, putting down the anchor or rafting up, I always looked to Nick to take the helm.  As we are planning to go into Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour for two weeks in January, I realised I have to step up and become a true ‘first mate’.

I joined four other fantastic women last Tuesday night for a really interesting evening.  Doing figure-eights on the Derwent with squeals of laughter, a mock man overboard, maneuvering up to a buoy and a scenario of running out of fuel and having to call in a ‘Pan Pan Pan’.

We then hit the papers and theory component (with a bottle of Jansz to aid our learning) where we all passed our written exam.  I now know the difference between Cardinal and Lateral markers, a Pan Pan Pan and a Mayday, and the importance of wearing the appropriate PFD.

Now it’s time for stepping up on ‘Spellbound‘ and to reach my ultimate goal of going away for the night with only a few girlfriends on board!  xx

Boat LicenceBoat LicenceBoat Licence Boat Licence Boat LicenceBoat Licence RYCT Boat Licence Boat Licence Boat Licence Boat Licence

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