Boat Licence

Boat Licence

I have been meaning to get my boat licence for quite some time now and last week, I finally manage to jump on a course at the RYCT and pass all the requirements.

When away on our boat, I am more than capable of steering and getting us to where we need to go, but when it comes to maneuvering, putting down the anchor or rafting up, I always looked to Nick to take the helm.  As we are planning to go into Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour for two weeks in January, I realised I have to step up and become a true ‘first mate’.

I joined four other fantastic women last Tuesday night for a really interesting evening.  Doing figure-eights on the Derwent with squeals of laughter, a mock man overboard, maneuvering up to a buoy and a scenario of running out of fuel and having to call in a ‘Pan Pan Pan’.

We then hit the papers and theory component (with a bottle of Jansz to aid our learning) where we all passed our written exam.  I now know the difference between Cardinal and Lateral markers, a Pan Pan Pan and a Mayday, and the importance of wearing the appropriate PFD.

Now it’s time for stepping up on ‘Spellbound‘ and to reach my ultimate goal of going away for the night with only a few girlfriends on board!  xx

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One comment on “Boat Licence

  1. Anonymous
    Monday, 2 November 2015 at 11:36 pm #

    Congratulations .to .. All “Girls”… Enjoy your boating always! And in Weathers!!

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