Open Day

We donned our stripes, popped the bubbles and celebrated the Opening Day of the 136th Yachting Season, on the Derwent River on Saturday with Nick’s family.

After saluting the Governor of Tasmania on a gorgeous Spring afternoon, we continued on to anchor at Nutgrove Beach, for an afternoon of food, festivities, friends and family.  Xx

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Bruny Island Boating

Butlers Beach Detail - Bruny Island

I returned from the Bay of Fires on Friday afternoon and Nick had all the food and gear packed, ready to head away on the boat for the Long Weekend!

We joined Nick’s folks on their boat instead (a long story) and met up with our friends on South Bruny Island.  With predominately overcast skies and moody light we walked along desolate beaches, made giant sand castles, ate nice food, slept well and flew kites.

Another beautiful boating weekend to a beautiful island. Xx

Maisy, Pops and JamesHeading awayMike the Knight - craft on boardThe ChannelLunch on boardTeenager??Butlers BeachButlers BeachButlers BeachA very sandy JamesSand spaSand spaMercury and MistraalNickoProseccoProseccoJames' dinnerMercuryJames watering his Grandmother's herbsQuality TimePops and BearJames driving the dinghyThe crewSand MonkeySand MonkeySunday BBQMorning teaKite flyingKite FlyingLunchLunchJames learning the ropesPopsJames - Bruny IslandJames and Nicko


Face Painting : Santa : Speedy Boats


Another busy weekend including a 40th on Friday night, a 4th on Saturday morning, Santa visiting the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania in the afternoon, friends for dinner in the evening and a blast in the speedy boat on Sunday morning.  Phew!  Fun times for the big and little ones!  xx

Facepainting Facepainting Facepainting Facepainting Facepainting Santa at RYCT Santa at RYCT Santa at RYCT Santa at RYCT Santa at RYCT Santa at RYCT Santa at RYCT Cuppas on Mercury Cuppas on Mercury Speedy Boat & Mercury Mercury Mercury Speedy Boat Speedy Boat


Boat Licence

Boat Licence

I have been meaning to get my boat licence for quite some time now and last week, I finally manage to jump on a course at the RYCT and pass all the requirements.

When away on our boat, I am more than capable of steering and getting us to where we need to go, but when it comes to maneuvering, putting down the anchor or rafting up, I always looked to Nick to take the helm.  As we are planning to go into Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour for two weeks in January, I realised I have to step up and become a true ‘first mate’.

I joined four other fantastic women last Tuesday night for a really interesting evening.  Doing figure-eights on the Derwent with squeals of laughter, a mock man overboard, maneuvering up to a buoy and a scenario of running out of fuel and having to call in a ‘Pan Pan Pan’.

We then hit the papers and theory component (with a bottle of Jansz to aid our learning) where we all passed our written exam.  I now know the difference between Cardinal and Lateral markers, a Pan Pan Pan and a Mayday, and the importance of wearing the appropriate PFD.

Now it’s time for stepping up on ‘Spellbound‘ and to reach my ultimate goal of going away for the night with only a few girlfriends on board!  xx

Boat LicenceBoat LicenceBoat Licence Boat Licence Boat LicenceBoat Licence RYCT Boat Licence Boat Licence Boat Licence Boat Licence


Winter Boating

Curly James

Thank you to our lovely little heater on board, it enables us to spend time away on our boat all year round.

There is nothing quite as cosy as settling in for a night on the boat after a hearty meal, playing board games or catching up with friends who are rafted up next to you.  I love climbing into our cosy bed and sleeping soundly, especially if there is a gentle roll.

This long weekend was no exception as we were away for three nights on Bruny Island.  We left on Friday afternoon and met our friends Jacinta and Brett, Frazer and Amanda and their gorgeous girls at the Kettering Pub for dinner.  The kids had their own table and loved their Fish & Chips, whilst we enjoyed some wine, hearty pub fare and good conversation.

The next day included a spot of fishing, afternoon naps, fireworks, an evening roast cooked on Mistraal and too much sparkling wine!  The girls all huddled together in a bunk watching a movie and James slept soundly.

On Sunday we went to the Bruny Island House of Whiskey for lunch with more of our friends from the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania.  James was carried around like a doll by all the girls which enabled Nick and I to relax in this very scenic location.

On Monday morning we returned back to Hobart in high winds and a good squall of 40 – 50 knot winds.  Our little crew handled the seas well and James barely looked up from his Peppa Pig episode.  We made it back into the Marina feeling slightly relieved.

I love our time away on the boat and look forward to more winter trips soon.  Xx


Popsy have a snooze


The new dinghy

Popsy and her Dad

The girls

Me & Amanda

The Crew


Cubby house bandits!

Patting the sheep on Bruny Island

James & Poppy


Heading home



Pops, James & CathInstead of heading ‘downstream’ to the D’Entrecasteaux Channel like we usually do on the boat, we headed ‘upstream’.

We joined a cruise organised by the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and went to New Norfolk for the weekend with seven other boats.  It was refreshing to discover new shores, swim in fresh water and enjoy the hot, hot weather. x

Rafted up at New Norfolk

Curly haired water baby

Curly haired water baby

Little fish

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