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Winter Cruising

A special kiss

Thanks to our Webasto diesel heater onboard Spellbound, it makes Winter cruising on the boat very pleasant indeed.  There’s nothing better than getting cosy onboard whilst anchored in a beautiful cove on Bruny Island, with friends ‘rafted up’ next to you, sharing delicious food, wine and conversation.

On the recent Queens Birthday Long Weekend, we spent two nights away and visited Get Shucked on Saturday for some oysters and a sparkling, before a BBQ ashore in the afternoon for some toasted marshmallows and a yarn around the fire.

A firey sunset greeted us as we returned to Barnes Bay for the evening spent with Nick’s folks and our friends Jacinta and Brett, where we enjoyed a lovely meal, lively conversation and even a sing-a-long to the Ukulele.

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Show Weekend : Boat Weekend

Sunset at Partridge Island

The Hobart Show weekend always allows for an extra long weekend where we escape Hobart to explore further waters.  This year was no exception and we headed to South Bruny Island for four glorious days.

We left on Thursday morning and enjoyed a smooth voyage to Partridge Island, some three hours later, to catch up with our friends.  Arriving to an oasis of turquoise blue waters due to a phytoplankton bloom in the water at this time of year.  Blue, blue waters, radiant rainbows and a gorgeous sunset.  What more could we ask for?

Partridge Island

The next day we went for a walk on the island where we discovered signs of European gardens and mature oak trees.  We  moved over to Mickey’s Bay in the afternoon and had a big roast pork on board ‘Mistraal‘.  The next morning we donned our packs and walked over to Cloudy Lagoon where James fell asleep as usual, and Poppy did a stellar job walking most of the way and learning more native plants.

In the afternoon we went to Tailors Beach for a picnic with all our boating friends and the kids were in their element making sand castles and playing in the water until little teeth were chattering and I had run out of dry clothes.

I love being in my happy place with my family and our amazing friends.  Not to mention the breathtaking scenery of this part of the world.  xx

Little Pirate

Partridge Island Yum - mayo and lettuce Partridge IslandPartridge Island Fishing lessons Partridge Island Jamesy cuddles Doggy kisses Spellbound, Yoda and Pops The Davies at Cloudy Bay Pops Squiggly cuddles Smoochy dog. Smoochy toddler Sunset kiss


Winter Boating

Curly James

Thank you to our lovely little heater on board, it enables us to spend time away on our boat all year round.

There is nothing quite as cosy as settling in for a night on the boat after a hearty meal, playing board games or catching up with friends who are rafted up next to you.  I love climbing into our cosy bed and sleeping soundly, especially if there is a gentle roll.

This long weekend was no exception as we were away for three nights on Bruny Island.  We left on Friday afternoon and met our friends Jacinta and Brett, Frazer and Amanda and their gorgeous girls at the Kettering Pub for dinner.  The kids had their own table and loved their Fish & Chips, whilst we enjoyed some wine, hearty pub fare and good conversation.

The next day included a spot of fishing, afternoon naps, fireworks, an evening roast cooked on Mistraal and too much sparkling wine!  The girls all huddled together in a bunk watching a movie and James slept soundly.

On Sunday we went to the Bruny Island House of Whiskey for lunch with more of our friends from the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania.  James was carried around like a doll by all the girls which enabled Nick and I to relax in this very scenic location.

On Monday morning we returned back to Hobart in high winds and a good squall of 40 – 50 knot winds.  Our little crew handled the seas well and James barely looked up from his Peppa Pig episode.  We made it back into the Marina feeling slightly relieved.

I love our time away on the boat and look forward to more winter trips soon.  Xx


Popsy have a snooze


The new dinghy

Popsy and her Dad

The girls

Me & Amanda

The Crew


Cubby house bandits!

Patting the sheep on Bruny Island

James & Poppy


Heading home


Autumn Boating

James and Maisy

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend?  It certainly was superb weather and we were lucky to be away on the boat for the whole weekend.

Bruny Island certainly turned it on for us as we enjoyed time on the water with our friends, Richard and Anna and Marcus and Janeen and their children.  Happy days.  Xx

A Sunday Sunrise

Sunrise in Missionary Bay

James' first fishing lesson

Autumn Boating

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