Show Weekend : Boat Weekend

Sunset at Partridge Island

The Hobart Show weekend always allows for an extra long weekend where we escape Hobart to explore further waters.  This year was no exception and we headed to South Bruny Island for four glorious days.

We left on Thursday morning and enjoyed a smooth voyage to Partridge Island, some three hours later, to catch up with our friends.  Arriving to an oasis of turquoise blue waters due to a phytoplankton bloom in the water at this time of year.  Blue, blue waters, radiant rainbows and a gorgeous sunset.  What more could we ask for?

Partridge Island

The next day we went for a walk on the island where we discovered signs of European gardens and mature oak trees.  We  moved over to Mickey’s Bay in the afternoon and had a big roast pork on board ‘Mistraal‘.  The next morning we donned our packs and walked over to Cloudy Lagoon where James fell asleep as usual, and Poppy did a stellar job walking most of the way and learning more native plants.

In the afternoon we went to Tailors Beach for a picnic with all our boating friends and the kids were in their element making sand castles and playing in the water until little teeth were chattering and I had run out of dry clothes.

I love being in my happy place with my family and our amazing friends.  Not to mention the breathtaking scenery of this part of the world.  xx

Little Pirate

Partridge Island Yum - mayo and lettuce Partridge IslandPartridge Island Fishing lessons Partridge Island Jamesy cuddles Doggy kisses Spellbound, Yoda and Pops The Davies at Cloudy Bay Pops Squiggly cuddles Smoochy dog. Smoochy toddler Sunset kiss

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