This is a blog about a girl named Poppy whose Mum loves: Design. Boating. Cashmere. Champagne. Chocolate. Family. Fashion. Friends. Leather. Mountains. Shoes. Snow. Travel and most importantly her Man, Children and Dog. x

I’m Larni and I live in Hobart, Tasmania with my lovely husband Nick, our dog Maisy and two young children – Poppy and James.  This space is for sharing my experiences of being a mum, enjoying our Tasmanian days and all the things in life that I am inspired and intrigued by.

Our life is full of family and friends spending time together in our wonderful wild state.  We also love exploring the southern waters on our boat called Spellbound and the simple pleasures of catching fish, swimming and enjoying time together.

My professional background is in the outdoors and educating young people to become adventure tour guides. I love being in the mountains and the wild places of Tasmania and beyond.

I look forward to many more years of sharing the wonders of Tasmania with Poppy, James and Nick.

Our Family

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