Snow ♥

Anne & Larni

Woo Hoo – what a fab weekend in Hobart, especially if you love snow!

The temperature gauge plummeted on Friday night and we woke up to a freezing Saturday morning.  Seeing the golden glow on Salamanca Place on my way to Pilates, I knew we had an exciting day ahead as there was a chill in the air.  When I got home, it was snowing at sea level!

After dragging out our snow gear we drove up to our friend’s place in Fern Tree.  Permission was granted from the Council fella for us to pass through the closed roads … we had friends to visit and Glühwein to drink!

Arriving at Anne and Pete’s ‘mountain home’ always feels as though you are in the depths of the wilderness, but are really only 20 minutes away from the State’s capital city.  It was even more special arriving to a ‘Winter Wonderland’ on Saturday – complete with a roaring fire, ‘Anton’ the deer, Glühwein bubbling away on the stove and a gaggle of little people pulling on their snow suits and boots ready for some backyard snow action.

We retreated inside as another storm passed through and I was kind of hoping we would get snowed in!  It wasn’t meant to be but it was such a special day spent with special friends.

Salamanca Snowing at home Snowing at home Huon RoadAnne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete'sAnne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Anne IMG_2183 Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Stormy Anne & Pete's IMG_2198 Anne & Pete's Anton Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete'sAnne & Pete's Anne & Pete's

On Sunday, the sun was shining but it was still freezing.  We rugged up again and ventured our for lunch with friends who were visiting from Launceston. xx




Three Year Old James

Our little man turned three on Wednesday and it has brought a range of mixed emotions for me.  I’m so happy that he is a healthy and happy boy after his wobbly start in life.  He was born only weighing 2.030 kg’s and was a tiny little dot.  Luckily he loves his food and has prospered in those three years.

However, I feel a little emotional that our ‘baby’ is growing up so fast.  He will be finishing school and sneaking out with his buddies in no time.  The cliché really does ring true – you have to savour each and very moment! x

Ps: In case you are wondering the cake is supposed to be a motor cruiser boat.  It is definitely open to interpretation however! 

James' 2nd BirthdayJamesCath, James & LarniJames - 2 days oldJames - 2 days oldMaiden voyage for JamesJames Poppy & James Cheezle Fingers Bear Entertaining the clan Boat Birthday Cake James' birthday cake James' Birthday Maisy & her other MummyCocol FlipCoco Flip Pendant


Melbourne Moments

Larni & Cherida

I have just spent the weekend in Melbourne on my biannual trip with my dear friend Cherida.  We both converge on the Victorian capital from Adelaide and Hobart, for a weekend of bliss.

A weekend where we bid farewell to our little families for three days of freedom and friendship.  These trips represent a little full stop … punctuating our lives for a few days to enable us to catch our breath and to truly reflect and recharge.  Where we enjoy long conversations over cups of tea and exquisite pastries.

My eyes are continually averted to the shiny bright lights of a big city, where we wander with no time limits.  An urban beauty that is such a contrast to my ‘normal’ at home where beautiful beaches, forests and natural scenery are dominant features.  I love the contrast of the glitzy shops, designed spaces, considered lighting, fashion forward thinking and skyscrapers reaching up to the blue, blue sky. xx

Melbourne Melbourne Virgin Lounge The Journal The Journal Zomp Shoes Zomp Shoes Top 3 By Design Jac + Jack Jac + Jack Camilla & Marc Marimekko Marimekko Marimekko Oter Oter Oter Oter Oter Oter Oter Oter The European Pellegrinis Bar Pellegrinis Bar Hill of Content H&M Bassike Bassike Bassike Bassike The Emporium Melbourne Melbourne Acne Studios Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Florist Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Higher Ground Cumulus Inc. Cumulus Inc. Cumulus Inc. Melbourne Parliament Street Station ACDC Lane Hopetun Tea Rooms Haighs Chocolates Haighs Chocolates Haighs Chocolates Haighs Chocolates Hunt Leather Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Prada Prada Melbourne


Winter Musings


Despite the crazy weather in Hobart over the past week we have braved the wintery conditions on several occasions and have enjoyed some action-packed activities.

These activities consisted of numerous cups of tea and play dates with old friends, private climbing walls, mural spotting and a scoot out to Gasp! (Glenorchy Arts & Sculpture Park).

Poppy had a party at The Faerie Shop for one of her school friends (also called Poppy) complete with crowns, glitter, wishing dust, balloons and lollies – what more could a bunch of five-year old faeries ask for?

Nick celebrated his birthday on Sunday and we had a family celebration at the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed for lunch.  The kids ran for miles on the green, green grass whilst we savoured the oysters and wine inside by the fire!

We saw snow in Hobart on Wednesday and today we have enjoyed more cups of tea and play dates with dear friends, whilst the wind blew!

Sam's Climbing Wall Sam's Climbing Wall Sam's Climbing Wall Sam's Climbing Wall Sam's Climbing WallStar Street Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!Party Time Party Time Faerie PartyPartySalamanca SquareBangor Wine & Oyster ShedBangor Wine & Oyster Shed Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed Bangor Wine & Oyster ShedBangor Wine & Oyster Shed Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed Bangor Wine & Oyster ShedBus Stop Bus Stop Little Mouse Blog


50 ♥


Last weekend, my sister Cath and I flew to Melbourne to celebrate our older sister’s 50th birthday in Castlemaine.  We were literally only there for 24 hours, but despite the quick trip, it was wonderful to celebrate Rob’s special day.

Rob has always lived a very healthy life and as a result she is beaming with vitality and youth, despite her half century milestone!

Surrounded by all her special friends in a cosy bar in Castlemaine, we celebrated into the wee hours.  The next morning, Rob’s husband Paul cooked up a storm and we enjoyed opening presents together and drinking cups of tea before dragging ourselves back to Tullamarine.

Rob and I Sisters Birthday Cake Birthday Cake Party details Rob, Fran and Tan Present time Present time Rob cuddling 'pebble'. Grey & Felt CushionBreakfast Rob, Cath and I

Whilst I was away, Nick took Poppy and James to Ben Lomond for a few snowy adventures.  James loved ‘sloping’ down the hill on a sled with Poppy, in his big baggy pants.  Bless.  Xx

James at Ben Lomond


Family ♥


I have had a wonderful weekend spent with both sides of my family.

On Friday, James, Poppy and I went to Launceston and stayed on my family farm with their cousins.  Four girls and James all squeezed into Nanna’s spare bed to watch a movie and enjoyed a ‘late night’.

Hagley The cousins The cousins Ice off the fish pond Ice off the fish pond Ice off the fish pond

After a frosty morning with ice on the fish pond we returned to Hobart where Nick’s family were all in town.  We shared a delightful meal together on Saturday night at Peacock & Jones, followed by a drink at Frank Restaurant & Bar.

Frank Restaurant and Bar

On Sunday, we all went to Peppermint Bay for lunch on Nick’s parent’s boat.  I love family time and I feel blessed we all get on so well and have so much fun!  Xxx

DSS Crazy cousins Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint BayPeppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay


Winter Cruising

A special kiss

Thanks to our Webasto diesel heater onboard Spellbound, it makes Winter cruising on the boat very pleasant indeed.  There’s nothing better than getting cosy onboard whilst anchored in a beautiful cove on Bruny Island, with friends ‘rafted up’ next to you, sharing delicious food, wine and conversation.

On the recent Queens Birthday Long Weekend, we spent two nights away and visited Get Shucked on Saturday for some oysters and a sparkling, before a BBQ ashore in the afternoon for some toasted marshmallows and a yarn around the fire.

A firey sunset greeted us as we returned to Barnes Bay for the evening spent with Nick’s folks and our friends Jacinta and Brett, where we enjoyed a lovely meal, lively conversation and even a sing-a-long to the Ukulele.

MistraalBoating James and Larni James Great BayGreat Bay Great Bay Great Bay Great Bay Great Bay Get Shucked Great Bay Biddies Campfire at Biddies Biddies Poppy Biddies Boating babes Oh wow - a whole bag! Melted Marshmallows Jacinta and Larni Cruising about Nick and the kids Hunters and Campfires Biddies Biddies Poppy Poppy Sunset in Barnes Bay Sunset in Barnes Bay Dessert on Mercury Poppy Rose Banks Rose Banks and Mercury


A Winter Treat

Winter Feast

I have always loved winter – I was married in the depths of August, I love skiing and rugging up in hats, scarves, coats and poms poms.  I am thankful that being a Tasmanian through and through, I am able to experience four distinct seasons each year, with winter being one of my favourites.  The soft sunlight, the crisp blue skies, the bare branches and of course … Dark Mofo!  The festival that has changed the face of winter in Hobart.

A festival that draws Tasmanian’s out from their cosy homes and into their black puffer jackets.  A festival that attracts visitors to our State in droves – where Hipsters converge on Hobart from many varied addresses to partake in the bizarre, to sample hearty food and to enjoy a Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch, whilst soaking up some quirky art and culture.

We have been in a Dark Mofo frenzy for the past two weeks – from the opening night with Poppy and James; to a date night where Nick and I were able to explore more of Dark Park; a Winter Feast; a walk through historic Battery Point; staying on the boat in Elizabeth Street Pier as part of a Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania Cruising event and finally … a procession with thousands of others for the Ogah Ogah – The Burning, to culminate our festivities.

As we are about to snuggle down for the longest night of the year, we are now back to our normal routine and will definitely not be partaking in the Nude Solstice Swim just down the road, in the morning.  I do love winter … but not that much!

Dark MofoDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkDark ParkTMAGTMAGTMAGDark MofoWinter Feast Winter Feast IMG_0723Winter Feast Winter Feast HobartDark Park Dark Park Dark Park House of Mirrors House of Mirrors Dark Park Dark ParkWinter Feast Winter FeastBattery Point Battery Point Battery Point Battery PointElizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. Pier Elizabeth St. PierElizabeth St. PierElizabeth St. Pier T42 Beautiful Hobart Beautiful Hobart Franklin SquareFranklin SquareBrooke St. Pier Faye and JamesHobart James One shoe roll Winter CruisingThe Burning The Burning The Burning The Burning The Burning The BurningThe Burning The Burning The Burning


Australian Traveller

Australian Traveller Magazine

I am so pleased to see the new issue of Australian Traveller magazine hit the stands this week, after working on the shoot with Tourism Tasmania in the summer.

So now that the magazine is published I can disclose that the star of the show was … Megan Gale.  A true beauty showcasing a stunning part of Tasmania.  Grab yourself a copy this weekend.  Xx


Lumio ♥


Today I am loving Lumio – a multi-functional modern lamp that unfolds from a book.  I could see some of these fitting beautifully into my life.


Lumio is a dynamic, multi-functional lamp that conceals itself in the form of a hard-cover book. Lumio opens to 360 degrees and comes with a custom orange micro-USB charger, magnetic wooden pegs for mounting, and a beautiful leather strap for hanging.


LumioLumioLumio Lumio


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