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Oh Hobart ♥

I love a good sticky-beak and what better opportunity where one that is encouraged and expected!

Open House Hobart opened the doors of many amazing buildings in Hobart last weekend, for you to have a little bo-beep.

Unfortunately we only managed to see two homes this year due to limited time and School Fair commitments, but both were great.  The first was a home in Boa Vista Road in North Hobart – an original 1940’s Art-Deco home, with its many original features in tact.

The other was The Barn, a converted stables in West Hobart that I just loved!  I could have moved in – albeit a little small for all of us!

This long derelict 1829 Georgian barn on the fringe of the Hobart CBD was once part of the stables of Goulburn Street’s Bull’s Head Hotel.  Made of local sandstone and convict bricks, it also features a 45 degree pitched roof-perfect for generous loft living.  The nine by five metre footprint was built for purpose and economy; the ground floor accommodated four stalls and the 45 degree pitched roof allowed for generous loft storage.  Although modest in size (a mere 62 square metres) the stable is rich in history, texture and olfactory delights.  The architects retained as much of the existing building fabric as possible and, where services and amenity were required, they provided ‘new insertions’.  It was important that, by doing so, all new work read differently to the existing and, as with any good relationship, the past and the present have space to breathe.  The architects used volume, outlook and a clear material strategy to define spaces and encourage variety and play.


French Terry Playsuit ♥

Paddo To PalmyJust saying “French Terry Playsuit” immediately whisks me away from my southern hemisphere Ugg boots and long-johns to the delights of Paris.  I love this little number from Paddo to Palmy:

Your one stop shop for an all in one outfit that earns extra points for being as comfortable as it is stylish.

Made from French Terry with a vintage inspired three-quarter tie up sleeve this playsuit will take you from the beach to the restaurant with ease.

Impeccably tailored it features a built in knotted belt that will cinch in your waist and generous culotte shaped shorts will flatter your pegs.

How beautiful is this photo from their Instagram feed of @maisieandthesevenseas admiring the Opera Building in Paris wearing her playsuit?

Ah … bring on summer!

Paddo to Palmy



I’m ‘Captain Boring’ at home, preferring to stick to a semi-ordered state of play when it comes to daytime sleep, dinner, bath, book and bed routine.

But sometimes … you just need to jump off that merry-go-round/ground-hog-day and replenish!  To mix it up a bit and have some precious time out with treasured friends and so this weekend was my annual Melbourne trip away and boy-oh-boy, it was so appreciated.

Cherida & I

Saying goodbye to our little chickens on Friday morning, I jetted off to Melbourne to meet the girls.  Cherida flew in from Adelaide and we had the pleasure of hanging out with another friend for the day, before she returned home to her family.  For three days I didn’t have to worry about anyone but myself.

There was no time for thinking – ‘What’s for dinner‘; ‘Have I got enough nappies‘ or ‘I need to make lunches‘.  There was plenty of time however for a leisurely lunch at the Dansk Restaurant with a bottle of bubbles and herring!  An evening stroll through Emporium Melbourne before wandering to our 8:30pm reservation for dinner at Coda.  Yes … 8:30pm, not 5:30pm!

A sleep in … well, a lay in til 8:00am (as I just can’t seem to sleep past 6:30am these days) and then a whole day of following our noses through the city admiring beautiful things and eating amazing food.  A sushi train experience for lunch, followed by more shopping and a refresh before heading out to dinner at 9:00pm!

I loved having time out from the ‘home’ routine, but it was so delightful to see my little family pick me up at the airport on Sunday afternoon.  I couldn’t squeeze their chubby cheeks enough.

Thank you Nicko for looking after the home-front, and taking our little peeps away on the boat to Bruny Island for the night.  Bless.  xx


Jen and Chez

Dansk Restaurant

The Girls






Sushi Train

Le Creuset



The European

Larni & Cherida


Serenity Ring ♥

Today I am loving Georg Jensen’s Serenity Ring.  So sublime.

Georg Jensen

Serenity Ring

Ring crafted in sterling silver
Designer: Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe

Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe (1927 – 2004) was born in Malmö Sweden. She graduated from the Academy of Industrial Arts in Stockholm in 1945 and in 1956 she settled in Paris where she quickly became known for her jewellery.

Read more about Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe


iPhone ♥

iPhone 6

After months of frustration with my iPhone 4S and persevering with it randomly dying mid-text,  needing to charge it twice a day and running out of memory, I have finally upgraded to an iPhone 6.

I was hesitant to change as I had a beautiful Il Bisonte Leather iPhone Card Case that had developed a gorgeous patina over the past 3 years.  I guess I will be on the lookout for a replacement now!

il Bisonte Phone Case


Bambi ♥

Bambi Chair

Whilst I am still loving all things Danish, today I am loving this gorgeous Bambi Chair made by Elements Optimal Denmark.  The good news is they have just arrived in Australia at Top3 by Design.  We all love a bit of Bambi right?

A delightful object that appeals to the delight of the child in all of us! A whimsical pice of furniture for children or as an object of desire.

The Bambi Chair is an object made from the heart – a true sculpture of fine art. It is produced from solid European oak and American Walnut. The fabric seating is made from nylon (faux fur).

Bambi Chair
Bambi Chair
Bambi Chair
Bambi Chair

Happy Easter

I hope Easter Bunny finds you all on Sunday morning.  Xxx

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