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French Terry Playsuit ♥

Paddo To PalmyJust saying “French Terry Playsuit” immediately whisks me away from my southern hemisphere Ugg boots and long-johns to the delights of Paris.  I love this little number from Paddo to Palmy:

Your one stop shop for an all in one outfit that earns extra points for being as comfortable as it is stylish.

Made from French Terry with a vintage inspired three-quarter tie up sleeve this playsuit will take you from the beach to the restaurant with ease.

Impeccably tailored it features a built in knotted belt that will cinch in your waist and generous culotte shaped shorts will flatter your pegs.

How beautiful is this photo from their Instagram feed of @maisieandthesevenseas admiring the Opera Building in Paris wearing her playsuit?

Ah … bring on summer!

Paddo to Palmy



Come with me to Paris

My sister Cath gave Poppy this gorgeous book for her birthday – COME WITH ME TO PARIS.  Written by Gloria Fowler and illustrated by Min Heo, it is an absolute beauty, with colourful illustrations that would make the most devoted Francophile weak at the knees and jump on board the first Air France flight to ‘Paree’.  💋💋

This charming rhyming book is a great introduction to the sights and culture of Paris. The book begins by inviting the reader to come along on the journey and ends with a good night wish:

“Paris is a beautiful city in France; Please come visit, should you have the chance.

“The French call it Paree, and there is so much to see;  Come with me and you’ll see: it’s a great place to be!

“At the end of our trip, au revoir and bonne nuit!  Je t’aime my dear one, and je t’aime to Paree!”

Colorful and whimsical illustrations feature well-known landmarks such as: The Eiffel Tower, The Palais Garnier, The Louvre, Sacré-Coeur, Sainte-Chapelle, Notre Dame, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Arc de Triomphe, and more.


Take Me To Paris





Take Me To Paris




Take Me To Paris


Paris : New York

Two of my favourite cities so beautifully captured by Matel!

Paris & NY, like many large cities, have a lot in common; transport, infrastructure, national monuments. I wanted to explore not only these comparisons but also the differences, in order to expose the beauty and individuality of each. What you cannot deny is the vibrancy and explosion of character each city has and I thought split-screen with time-lapse would be a good way to help convey this.


Ah – Paris!

I often get ribbed about how sentimental I am by my sisters and husband!  It’s true – I am very sentimental about experiences, friends, specific dates and anniversaries.  Each month I randomly say to Nick, “This time last year we were … blah blah”.

Sitting here with James this morning contemplating the date, I realised this exact time last year I was in Paris for four wonderful days.  Ah, the delights of wandering around the Parisian streets, admiring the stylish women, architecture and art.  Ah, I love being sentimental.  Xx



The Eiffel Tower

View from the Eiffel Tower

We have good news about our little man James.  If all goes well this weekend, it looks as though he will be coming home with us on Monday or Tuesday.  Keep putting on that weight little fella!  Xxx

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