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Easter Boating ♥

Yet another lengthy gap in between blog posts for the poor Poppy Files!  I am finding it more and more of a challenge to devote the time needed to blog as often as I would like, which invariably requires me to import my photos, painstakingly pick and edit the best shots and then feel inspired to write in a captivating way.  It doesn’t help that I am a ‘Type-A perfectionist’ and sometimes it is just easier not to do it!!

However, I have finally collated the photos from our recent Easter break.  I’m only a month late, but we had the most divine boating trip to the East Coast of Tasmania this year.  It certainly helped that the weather was absolutely superb for the eleven days we were away – enabling us to really enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

We left Hobart in calm waters and enjoyed smooth cruising through the Denison Canal and Marion Bay before reaching Orford on dusk.  On Good Friday we hung out at East Shelley Beach, drenched in that feeling of knowing you have ten more days of boating bliss … to really feel the sand between your toes, to fish, to laugh, to play and to go to bed early to watch Netflix as you gently bob under a sky full of stars.

On Easter Saturday we ventured further North to the Freycinet Peninsula, where the stars are even brighter and the water is bluer!

We met up with our friends, Richard and Anna and their boys, where we enjoyed a couple of days together before they returned to Hobart.  Easter Bunny even found us at Bryans Corner and James literally ate his weight in Easter Eggs.

For the rest of the week, we synced into the beauty of this place through long walks on desolate beaches, kayaking on crystal blue water, fishing, beachcombing and spending quality family time together.  We ventured around to the other side of the Freycinet Peninsula to Wineglass Bay for three nights where Poppy celebrated her 6th Birthday.

Her celebrations included presents, a morning tea with new boating friends, jumping off the boat, frolicking dolphins and fish and chips for dinner!  What a perfect place to celebrate a birthday?

On Friday we returned back to our familiar Southern waters for one more night, after what was, a truly unforgettable time together.  Xx


Farm ♥


Having grown up on a farm, I am conscious of providing Poppy and James all the fantastic elements of farm life.

Growing up, we were no strangers to hard work – demanding days far beyond our young years.  It was not uncommon for us to be shifting irrigators, carting hay, tailing lambs, feeding calves, riding with Dad on the Harvester or coming home from school and heading out to cultivate a paddock on our own until well after dark!  In hindsight, it was the best form of homework … hard work and independence.

When I was 17, I worked for Dad for the summer as he had paid to get the engine of my 1970 orange VW Beetle reconditioned and so we had a deal.  As a Harvesting Contractor, he required someone to escort him from job-to-job which entailed driving his truck and header front from one farm to another as he drove in the Header (maximum speed 40 K’s)!  Never displaying my ‘P’ plates for obvious reasons, as I was at the helm of an old International truck with no power steering, complete with grain bin on the back whilst towing a 25 foot header front!  I was often required to reverse this rig through narrow gates as the Farmer was standing there watching me!  Dad is still proud that all of his daughters can reverse a trailer.

These jobs certainly gave us the practical skills that I have drawn upon in many aspects of my adult life.

My sister and her husband live on a beautiful property at Bracknell with the Great Western Tiers forming a comforting, yet familiar backdrop.  I took James and Poppy up to stay this weekend, as Nick was busy working on the boat.  We fell into a comfortable rhythm that is so easily done when staying with family.  On Saturday night Janelley cooked up a Pork Roast, complete with crackling and then all the cousins bunkered down for a movie and a sleepover, after some Loom Band action!

Farm Stay

The next morning was a glorious day and after French Toast for breakfast, we went to collect the eggs, feed the pigs and cruised around the sheds.

My nieces took James and Poppy for a ride in their ‘Gator’, a 4WD buggy, and as they drove away my neurotic ‘Helicopter Parent’/’Adventure Tour Guide Teacher’ brain flashed random Risk Management Plans before my eyes!  I then realised that these girls are country girls, practical lasses that have learnt to drive tractors before their 10th birthday’s.  Girls that are like my sisters and I – a generation before.

Farm Stay

Poppy and James were ecstatic – our little city slickers had dirt under their nails, mud on their boots and smiles a mile wide … with requests to come back to stay with their cousins during the harvesting season next summer!

Cousins Cousins Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm StayFarm Stay

Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Farm Stay Dad & James


Collecting Treasure

We enjoyed a night away on Bruny Island on the boat this weekend and the weather was delightful.

Even though we were only away for a little more than 24 hours, I felt as though we had been away for much longer.  We enjoyed a shared curry night with friends and family, a cruisey morning with pancakes and cups of tea, followed by a sunny BBQ at Sykes Cove.  The kids played for hours in the shallows, building little dams, diverting water, getting muddy … and collecting treasure.  Xx

Sunny Jamesy Jamesy Little and Big Boys Foxy Foxy Bubbles The Other Mummy Nick Jacinta and Nick Boating Friends Poppy and Indy Braids galore Sykes Cove Sykes Cove Sykes Cove Sykes Cove Sykes Cove Yum BBQ Sykes Cove Sykes Cove Sykes Cove Spellbound and MercurySpellbound and Mercury Maggie and Poppy Spellbound Sunset



Three Year Old James

Our little man turned three on Wednesday and it has brought a range of mixed emotions for me.  I’m so happy that he is a healthy and happy boy after his wobbly start in life.  He was born only weighing 2.030 kg’s and was a tiny little dot.  Luckily he loves his food and has prospered in those three years.

However, I feel a little emotional that our ‘baby’ is growing up so fast.  He will be finishing school and sneaking out with his buddies in no time.  The cliché really does ring true – you have to savour each and very moment! x

Ps: In case you are wondering the cake is supposed to be a motor cruiser boat.  It is definitely open to interpretation however! 

James' 2nd BirthdayJamesCath, James & LarniJames - 2 days oldJames - 2 days oldMaiden voyage for JamesJames Poppy & James Cheezle Fingers Bear Entertaining the clan Boat Birthday Cake James' birthday cake James' Birthday Maisy & her other MummyCocol FlipCoco Flip Pendant


Family ♥


I have had a wonderful weekend spent with both sides of my family.

On Friday, James, Poppy and I went to Launceston and stayed on my family farm with their cousins.  Four girls and James all squeezed into Nanna’s spare bed to watch a movie and enjoyed a ‘late night’.

Hagley The cousins The cousins Ice off the fish pond Ice off the fish pond Ice off the fish pond

After a frosty morning with ice on the fish pond we returned to Hobart where Nick’s family were all in town.  We shared a delightful meal together on Saturday night at Peacock & Jones, followed by a drink at Frank Restaurant & Bar.

Frank Restaurant and Bar

On Sunday, we all went to Peppermint Bay for lunch on Nick’s parent’s boat.  I love family time and I feel blessed we all get on so well and have so much fun!  Xxx

DSS Crazy cousins Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint BayPeppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay


Oh Maria!

Riedle Bay

Spending five days on Maria Island on Tasmania’s east coast we enjoyed long, desolate beaches with white, white sand, turquoise water and not a soul in sight.  We walked amongst historic buildings reminding us of the paltry conditions of the convict probation period and later the ambitious industrial era of the island.  Continuing up to Fossil Cliffs we marveled at the unique geological features from the Permian period.

Beautiful sunsets, bountiful seafood and more glorious time with my family, before returning back home to Hobart … and to reality.  Xx

Maria IslandFossil CliffsDenison CanalThe Marion NarrowsJames the pirateBig flatheadsRiedle BayNick and IChinaman's BayLittle Miss ChatterboxSpellbound and Mercury rafted upJames' in the craypot!Flathead ready for cookingFlatheadDinner on the flybridgePoppyJames on Riedle BaySunset

Photo - Toby Langford

Photo – Toby Langford

DarlingtonHistoric buildingsFossil CliffsFossil CliffsFossil Cliffs CircuitLunchFossil Cliffs CircuitDarlingtonProseccoBeach zooPoppyJames and the craysCrayfishHeading home


Sister ♥

Larni, Rob & Cath

My sisters - Rob & Cath

I feel blessed to have three gorgeous sisters (and one brother) and it is indeed a special relationship that only comes from growing up together and knowing all those idiosyncrasies about each other.

These idiosyncrasies are often used as a jibe now in our adult lives, such as Robyn throwing a bread knife that stuck in the door; Cath building cubby houses all over the farm; me crashing Dad’s truck into a power pole when I was 13 and Janelle nursing numerous calves and lambs.

My eldest sister Rob lives in Castlemaine, Victoria.  She is the epitome of a fit and healthy 35-year-old but she is about to turn 49 in July!  She practices yoga on a daily basis, grows her own vegetables, rides her road bike with her husband, is a talented artist and works in their own business as an Interior Designer for Lifehouse Design.  I love when we hang out.

Aunty Rob & Poppy

My youngest sister Janelle lives on a gorgeous farm at Bracknell in Tasmania.  She has three beautiful girls – Molly, Lucy and Jessie and owns a contracting harvesting business with her husband.  She can often be found driving large combine harvesters, tractors or wind rowers with one or all of her girls on board.  A very practical lass indeed and one whom I don’t see enough of.

My sister Janelle, and nieces - Nina, Molly & Jessica

My other older sister Cath has two grown up girls and moved to Hobart from Deloraine, two years ago.  We have had an amazing time in Hobart together which has included lots of time on the water, enjoying live music, dancing, eating out and seeing lots of movies.

Cath is about to embark on a six month overseas adventure that she has been planning for the past ten years.  She plans to immerse herself in the cultures of Spain, France and Italy where she hopes to go to numerous music festivals, yoga retreats and farm stays.

Bronte & Cath at GASP!

I felt really sad saying goodbye to her last night, yet so happy for her.  When her girls were young and she was in the ‘full-on Mum’ mode, I was overseas, travelling to my heart’s content in Canada, Alaska, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Nepal.  We are at the opposite ends of the spectrum – she had her girls in her twenties and is now free and easy.  I am now in my forties and I am in the ‘full-on Mum’ mode.

The tables have turned and it will be so fabulous hearing of her travel stories!  We will miss you Cath!  Carpe diem (sieze the day!).  Xxx


Cath with Pops & James



2007 vs 2015

New Years Day - 2007

This photo of Nick and I was taken on the 1st January 2007 after we had just met.  Eight years later to the day, we are still loving the vibe of Hobart at this time of year, but now have a couple of extra spectators in tow!

New Years Day - 2015

New Years Day 2015

New Years Day 2015

New Years Day 2015

New Years Day

New Years Day 2015


A Family Affair

Poppy and I made a quick trip to Hagley on Sunday to spend the day with my family. My brother Greg, and his wife Sarah hosted a BBQ at their home. This is the house I shared with Greg many years ago, during my hippy phase and it certainly didn’t look as beautiful as it does now.

The sun was shining, Poppy and her cousins loved playing on the lawn and we drank wine on the deck and ate beautiful food. It was a delightful day. xx

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