30 Years

Grade 10 Leavers Dinner

Several weeks ago I attended my 30 Year Prospect High School Reunion in Launceston.  Can it really be that long ago?

I haven’t really kept up with any of my friends from High School due to the fact that I left Tasmania when I was 19 and didn’t return ‘home’ until 6 years later.  It was a little daunting walking into a room ‘full of strangers’ but after a few chats and a walk down memory lane, I really did have a fantastic evening.  It was so nice stepping back into a world that I had completely forgotten about.  I loved reconnecting with people that had such an influence in my life at that time and I laughed so much during the night – and even got home at 2:45 am!

The other poignant fact was that most of my peers had children who were well in their late teens, even in their twenties.  There were even three Grandparents!  I laughed as I told my old school buddies I had a three and a five year old!

Leading up to the Reunion, prompted me to delve into my cupboards and dust off the box of old photos.  Wow – the fashions have really changed, but these people are such good people and I relished seeing them again after all these years.  I really hope it isn’t another thirty years before I laugh with them again! x

Larni - 30 Years School ReunionLarni, Teena and ScottyJason & TeenaScotty, Rod and Murray Teena & Scotty PHS PHS PHS PHS PHS PHS PHS Athletics Carnival Athletics Carnival Athletics Carnival Athletics Carnival Freycinet Field Trip Freycinet Field Trip Freycinet Field Trip Freycinet Field Trip PHS Badgers Head Myrtle Park Myrtle Park Myrtle Park Grade 10 Leavers Dinner Grade 10 Leavers Dinner Poppy

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