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Hard Drive Dramas

Unfortunately I have had another hiatus from The Poppy Files due to an incredibly busy time in the last month and also combined with the very stressful fail of my external hard drive.

A drive that keeps my photos taken over the past 10 years (all 24 000 of them or 820 GB of data) nice and safe … or so I thought.  Nausea swept over me as I plugged it in one day and I saw a strange flashing light and my MacBook not recognising the remote disc.  What was that about keeping several backups on different drives?

Luckily I have a chap who is working on retrieving all of my recoverable data and until I have my files back in my hot little hands, I won’t truly relax.

So, until I get my IT groove back on, I am unable to download any of my photos, which are slowly banking up on my phone.  Until then, I can share some sassy items from the web that have piqued my interest of late.

Firstly these fabulous Saint Laurent California High Top Roller Skates – if you have a cool $1239.00 laying around, you could whip them on for a skate along the promenade!

Secondly, on a more realistic note, a friend of mine wears (and rocks) these gorgeous Céline Marta Sunglasses in a sublime ‘Dark Blue Havana‘.  Dear Santa – yes please (would it be rude to copy you Bec W?)

Finally, on a totally different note, I am excited about all the options of amazing recipes in this new e-Book from Well Nourished – Sides and Salads.  It has so many great ideas that I am hoping to try out over the summer:

An e-book that makes the humble vegetable, sensational
The idea of this e-book is to make vegetables the hero of your meal! Most sources of protein (meat, vegetarian or vegan) when simply prepared are just delicious. So this e-book is designed to direct your time and effort into making the most important part of any meal, vegetables and salad, as delicious as they can be.

All of the salads and sides in this e-book, when combined with a source of protein, form a nutritionally balanced meal. All of the recipes are plant based and are gluten, grain and egg-free. I’ve also included alternatives for making them dairy- and nut-free.


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