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Show Weekend : Boat Weekend

Sunset at Partridge Island

The Hobart Show weekend always allows for an extra long weekend where we escape Hobart to explore further waters.  This year was no exception and we headed to South Bruny Island for four glorious days.

We left on Thursday morning and enjoyed a smooth voyage to Partridge Island, some three hours later, to catch up with our friends.  Arriving to an oasis of turquoise blue waters due to a phytoplankton bloom in the water at this time of year.  Blue, blue waters, radiant rainbows and a gorgeous sunset.  What more could we ask for?

Partridge Island

The next day we went for a walk on the island where we discovered signs of European gardens and mature oak trees.  We  moved over to Mickey’s Bay in the afternoon and had a big roast pork on board ‘Mistraal‘.  The next morning we donned our packs and walked over to Cloudy Lagoon where James fell asleep as usual, and Poppy did a stellar job walking most of the way and learning more native plants.

In the afternoon we went to Tailors Beach for a picnic with all our boating friends and the kids were in their element making sand castles and playing in the water until little teeth were chattering and I had run out of dry clothes.

I love being in my happy place with my family and our amazing friends.  Not to mention the breathtaking scenery of this part of the world.  xx

Little Pirate

Partridge Island Yum - mayo and lettuce Partridge IslandPartridge Island Fishing lessons Partridge Island Jamesy cuddles Doggy kisses Spellbound, Yoda and Pops The Davies at Cloudy Bay Pops Squiggly cuddles Smoochy dog. Smoochy toddler Sunset kiss


Autumn Boating

James and Maisy

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend?  It certainly was superb weather and we were lucky to be away on the boat for the whole weekend.

Bruny Island certainly turned it on for us as we enjoyed time on the water with our friends, Richard and Anna and Marcus and Janeen and their children.  Happy days.  Xx

A Sunday Sunrise

Sunrise in Missionary Bay

James' first fishing lesson

Autumn Boating



Pops, James & CathInstead of heading ‘downstream’ to the D’Entrecasteaux Channel like we usually do on the boat, we headed ‘upstream’.

We joined a cruise organised by the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and went to New Norfolk for the weekend with seven other boats.  It was refreshing to discover new shores, swim in fresh water and enjoy the hot, hot weather. x

Rafted up at New Norfolk

Curly haired water baby

Curly haired water baby

Little fish


Water, Love & Sunshine

Thanks to the aptly titled song by DJ Freestyle we enjoyed a day of ‘Water, Love and Sunshine’ in early January.  Speedy boat, swimming, water play and even a ski:


Day Trippin’

Jetty BeachI have finally found my Christmas groove!  After the chaos of Christmas shopping last week, I loaded the kids in the car nice and early on Saturday morning and caught the 9:30am ferry to Bruny Island.  My sister’s and brother-in-law were camping at Jetty Beach on South Bruny which provided a perfect day trip.  Nick decided to stay at home and have a ‘sleep-in’ after his work drinks on Friday night.

I love day trips!  The anticipation of getting out of the house, packing up all your bits and bobs that you need for travelling with wee ones and selecting the perfect driving tunes.  My music genre has changed somewhat since I have two backseat drivers now and find Playschool and Frozen are often on high rotation!

We had a perfect drive to South Bruny, marvelling at the beautiful landscape and belting out a few nursery rhymes!  We got into camp, had a cuppa and then ventured to the superb beach where Pops and James played for hours.  A long walk and more cups of tea, I was back on the 5:30pm ferry with two sun-kissed, exhausted kids.  It was a perfect escape from the pre-Christmas craziness.

Jetty Beach - Bruny Island - 56


Jetty Beach - Bruny Island - 07


Jetty Beach - Bruny Island - 12


Jetty Beach - Bruny Island - 25


Jetty Beach - Bruny Island - 35

Jetty Beach - Bruny Island - 41



Jetty Beach

Jetty Beach - Bruny Island - 53

On Sunday we had lunch with Nick’s parents on their boat at Triworks – a quick trip from Hobart.  Nick and Poppy jumped in for a swim, we ate beautiful food and enjoyed the balmy conditions.  xx

Captain James


Triworks Lunch - 05

Triworks Lunch - 04


Birthday Boating Bonanza



We have had a lovely time away on the boat for Easter.  We went to Norfolk Bay this year, where we hunkered down in little Monk Bay and had a lovely time with our friends.  We were fortunate to be able to use Nick’s folks boat “Spellbound” (or “Schoolbell” as Poppy calls it) which provided us with more room for the four of us, plus Maisy.

BBQ’s on the beach, a birthday party, rafting up, champagne, pikelets, easter eggs and early nights … the five days soon drifted by and I cherished the moments spent together as a family and with our friends in a beautiful place.

Norfolk Bay

Wild and woolley


Pops, Mum and James

Our little Poppet turned three on Saturday and we had a party for her on the beach where she was surrounded by all of her ‘boat’ friends, gifts, toasted marshmallows, musk sticks, birthday cake and everything and anything pink.

Poppy’s cake wasn’t one of my greatest achievements but when you start making it at 8:30 the night before you go away for five days, you aren’t going to get the results that you had hoped for.  It did make the journey on the boat and Poppy seemed to be happy when she saw it.  She did however say to me later that she would have liked a Ballerina cake instead!?


3rd Birthday

Birthday Girl

On Sunday we visited the Coal Mines Historic Site and stretched our legs around the ruins.

Me and James

On Monday morning we rafted up with Brett and Jacinta on “Mistraal” and hosted a morning tea for ‘everybody’.  Kids were hopping between boats, James was crawling all over the place, I was cooking pikelets and Maisy retreated to a lone dinghy … so the girls popped a bottle of bubbly and relaxed in the sun.

Morning bubbles?  Jacinta, Kate & Leesa


Mistraal's mast

We were planning on returning home on Monday, but we decided to stay another night and cruised around to Bruny Island.  We planned our departure beautifully as both Poppy and James slept for the whole two hours of travelling.  Toilet paper, water and bread were running low but we managed and it was worth it to stay away another night.  We enjoyed a lovely roast meal with the Cooper’s and Poppy was in heaven playing with her ‘big’ girlfriends … loom bands, hair clips and television galore.




This Boating Life

Poppy on Australia DayWe have had another amazing long weekend away on the boat and at the risk of providing similar content to previous posts, I just can’t help but share more photos with you!

Our time was spent with our friends at South Bruny Island and incorporated lots of water play, flying kites, beach BBQ’s, swimming, sleeping and eating. Nick and Brett went for a dive on Saturday and returned with abalone and crayfish!  Australia Day was spent on Butlers Beach in glorious conditions.

Poppy flying her kite

Needless to say, my time on the boat is not always ‘smooth sailing’.  These are some of the quirks I persevere with:

  • It is a nightmare getting Poppy into bed on the boat, let alone for her to go to sleep before 9 pm!  (This topic is a blog post for another day)
  • James hates wearing his PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and every time we go ashore he bursts into tears and cries most of the time he is on the beach
  • If we move at night the anchor winch is so noisy it has been known to wake both Poppy and James, after hours of getting (her) to sleep
  • When pulling the dinghy back in the water on Saturday afternoon, I got oil on the sleeve my cashmere jumper.  Mental note – wear old clothes!
  • Bless our little Tagus for sometimes she leaks and my bed gets wet
  • Two children, a dog, Nick and I crammed into one small space can push the most even-tempered to become ‘snappy Tom‘.

Despite these woes, there is nothing better to wake up with my family on a blue sky day, crank up the tunes, cook up some pancakes and see Poppy jump off the back of the boat into her Dad’s arms!  Bring on the many more trips, wet bed and all!  Xx

Poppy flying her kite

Beach Babes

Brett's Crayfish

Butlers Beach

Poppy's Hand

Mistraal & Iverus


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