Birthday Boating Bonanza



We have had a lovely time away on the boat for Easter.  We went to Norfolk Bay this year, where we hunkered down in little Monk Bay and had a lovely time with our friends.  We were fortunate to be able to use Nick’s folks boat “Spellbound” (or “Schoolbell” as Poppy calls it) which provided us with more room for the four of us, plus Maisy.

BBQ’s on the beach, a birthday party, rafting up, champagne, pikelets, easter eggs and early nights … the five days soon drifted by and I cherished the moments spent together as a family and with our friends in a beautiful place.

Norfolk Bay

Wild and woolley


Pops, Mum and James

Our little Poppet turned three on Saturday and we had a party for her on the beach where she was surrounded by all of her ‘boat’ friends, gifts, toasted marshmallows, musk sticks, birthday cake and everything and anything pink.

Poppy’s cake wasn’t one of my greatest achievements but when you start making it at 8:30 the night before you go away for five days, you aren’t going to get the results that you had hoped for.  It did make the journey on the boat and Poppy seemed to be happy when she saw it.  She did however say to me later that she would have liked a Ballerina cake instead!?


3rd Birthday

Birthday Girl

On Sunday we visited the Coal Mines Historic Site and stretched our legs around the ruins.

Me and James

On Monday morning we rafted up with Brett and Jacinta on “Mistraal” and hosted a morning tea for ‘everybody’.  Kids were hopping between boats, James was crawling all over the place, I was cooking pikelets and Maisy retreated to a lone dinghy … so the girls popped a bottle of bubbly and relaxed in the sun.

Morning bubbles?  Jacinta, Kate & Leesa


Mistraal's mast

We were planning on returning home on Monday, but we decided to stay another night and cruised around to Bruny Island.  We planned our departure beautifully as both Poppy and James slept for the whole two hours of travelling.  Toilet paper, water and bread were running low but we managed and it was worth it to stay away another night.  We enjoyed a lovely roast meal with the Cooper’s and Poppy was in heaven playing with her ‘big’ girlfriends … loom bands, hair clips and television galore.



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