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Bruny Island Boating

Butlers Beach Detail - Bruny Island

I returned from the Bay of Fires on Friday afternoon and Nick had all the food and gear packed, ready to head away on the boat for the Long Weekend!

We joined Nick’s folks on their boat instead (a long story) and met up with our friends on South Bruny Island.  With predominately overcast skies and moody light we walked along desolate beaches, made giant sand castles, ate nice food, slept well and flew kites.

Another beautiful boating weekend to a beautiful island. Xx

Maisy, Pops and JamesHeading awayMike the Knight - craft on boardThe ChannelLunch on boardTeenager??Butlers BeachButlers BeachButlers BeachA very sandy JamesSand spaSand spaMercury and MistraalNickoProseccoProseccoJames' dinnerMercuryJames watering his Grandmother's herbsQuality TimePops and BearJames driving the dinghyThe crewSand MonkeySand MonkeySunday BBQMorning teaKite flyingKite FlyingLunchLunchJames learning the ropesPopsJames - Bruny IslandJames and Nicko


Sneaky Peek : Sleep Deprived Surfing

Hopewell QuiltHmmmppphff!

Nick and I have had another sleepless night with our James.  Luckily he is so cute because I would have put him on eBay months ago (only joking).  Grrrrrr!

So rather than focusing on the negatives (oh boy I could rant about how little sleep we are getting at the moment) I thought I would focus on the positives and share some lovely things that have been piquing my interest during my sleep deprived web surfing moments.


Il Bisonte Bag

UNIQLO Cashmere

Print Bebe Pants


Abode Linen

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