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A New Season


Well hello there Spring – aren’t you delightful?

It has been such a busy time over the past several weeks, but it is fantastic to have the longer days, the slightly warmer temperatures and a different light.

I had an exciting night last Friday where my colleague, Nate Welch won the VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year at the Tasmanian Training Awards.

Poppy, James and I have been out and about at new local cafes, on bikes, scooters, climbing walls, swings, flying foxes and rocking horses!

We are also in the midst of potty training James, who is doing exceptionally well, despite a few accidents (and a few more loads of washing)!  Xx

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Boating and Birthdays

Birthday Drinks at T42

We have enjoyed another busy week which has included more time away on the boat last weekend and celebrating my birthday on Monday.

We headed away to Bruny Island for two nights and despite the windy forecast we hunkered down in the sheltered waters at Quarantine.  We ran into our friends and their girls and manage to watch the AFL Football Grand Final together as the temperature soared and the girls cooled off in the water.

On Sunday we had lunch at Apollo Bay and enjoyed the slightly cooler temperatures before cruising back to the yacht club in the afternoon.

On Monday I enjoyed being spoilt for my birthday.  Poppy was definitely more excited about my ‘turning of age’ than I was and proceeded to let everyone at Child Care know how old I was turning!  I whipped up a cake and saw their delight in singing and blowing out the candles for me.  Nick and I ventured out for a drink at T42 and an amazing dinner at The Glasshouse on such a mild evening.

I love this time of year and we so we have been out enjoying our garden which is in full bloom – the wisteria, oak tree and jasmine are all bursting with Spring.  We went for a big walk along the beach this morning on yet another perfect Hobart day.  Xx

Maisy and James en route Sunset Big Fish Hot hot hot! Girls cooling off James and his buddy James at the helm of Big Fish The Crew Big Fish James and Pops at Apollo Bay James and Pops at Apollo Bay Nicko Larn

Being spoilt My Birthday Cake My Birthday Cake My Birthday Cake Sushi Train

Oak Tree water play Wisteria in bloom Wisteria The Den Oh James Machine Cafe Nutgrove Beach Nutgrove Beach

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