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Snow ♥

Anne & Larni

Woo Hoo – what a fab weekend in Hobart, especially if you love snow!

The temperature gauge plummeted on Friday night and we woke up to a freezing Saturday morning.  Seeing the golden glow on Salamanca Place on my way to Pilates, I knew we had an exciting day ahead as there was a chill in the air.  When I got home, it was snowing at sea level!

After dragging out our snow gear we drove up to our friend’s place in Fern Tree.  Permission was granted from the Council fella for us to pass through the closed roads … we had friends to visit and Glühwein to drink!

Arriving at Anne and Pete’s ‘mountain home’ always feels as though you are in the depths of the wilderness, but are really only 20 minutes away from the State’s capital city.  It was even more special arriving to a ‘Winter Wonderland’ on Saturday – complete with a roaring fire, ‘Anton’ the deer, Glühwein bubbling away on the stove and a gaggle of little people pulling on their snow suits and boots ready for some backyard snow action.

We retreated inside as another storm passed through and I was kind of hoping we would get snowed in!  It wasn’t meant to be but it was such a special day spent with special friends.

Salamanca Snowing at home Snowing at home Huon RoadAnne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete'sAnne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Anne IMG_2183 Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete's Stormy Anne & Pete's IMG_2198 Anne & Pete's Anton Anne & Pete's Anne & Pete'sAnne & Pete's Anne & Pete's

On Sunday, the sun was shining but it was still freezing.  We rugged up again and ventured our for lunch with friends who were visiting from Launceston. xx



Seafood Seduction

Wowsers – another week has passed and I have been so flat-out, I have barely had time to scratch myself!

Last weekend I worked again with Tourism Tasmania, hosting a group of six Indonesian VIP’s from the Bank of Asia, Clara Magazine – a gorgeous glossy for the stylish Indonesian woman, and two representatives from Tourism Australia.


The aim of their visit was to experience Tasmania with the hope of enticing more Indonesian’s to our State in the future.  After meeting the group at the airport on Friday morning, they were whisked out to Mona in the Posh Pit where they enjoyed the museum, a beautiful lunch at The Source and then a wine tour and tasting with my friend, Dan.

A drive to the top of Mt. Wellington (Kunanyi) bought many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, followed by another beautiful meal at the Wrest Point Revolving Restaurant.

The next morning, we blitzed the Salamanca Market (where I quickly found out than Indonesian’s certainly love their shopping) but the highlight of their trip however, was Rob Pennicott’s Seafood Seduction Tour.

Seafood Seduction

Enjoy oysters shucked straight from the water, rock lobster and see your guide dive for abalone and sea urchin.  Be delighted as your catch is turned into a delicious seafood feast accompanied by gourmet local produce and Tasmanian wines, boutique beers, ciders and juices.

Hopping on a boat in Kings Pier, our wonderful guides – Ido and Kate hosted the perfect day, despite the lumpy conditions in the Channel.

Seafood Seduction

I will let the photos speak for themselves but it was the ultimate trip for our international guests – combined with professional yet laid-back guides and amazing seafood including the freshest oysters you will ever eat.  The highlight for the group was experiencing Ido and Kate don their wetsuits and actually dive for our lunch, where they caught fresh sea urchin and abalone.


As we rolled off the boat, full to the brim with seafood we then had dinner (and more seafood) at The Glass House on the Brooke Street Pier.

I waved the group off at the airport the next morning and I am sure we will see many more of their counterparts coming to Tasmania in search of our amazing seafood and beautiful scenery.  xx


MONA MONA MONA MONA MONA MONA MONA  MONA Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Sea Urchin Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Ido diving at One Tree Point Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Sea Urchin Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Abalone Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Seafood Seduction Abalone The Glass House

The Glass House The Glass House


Silver Falls


I had a lovely weekend last week spent with our little man James, as Nick took Poppy away on the boat for a ‘Dad and Daughter‘ weekend with some of his mates and their girls.  Poppy had an amazing time playing with her friends, fishing, collecting shells and watching Barbie movies.

I really valued the time spent with James one-on-one and I didn’t realise just how much Poppy talks when she is at home.  It was so quiet as James just potted around with his books and puzzles!

On Saturday morning, I met Sam and Scarlett for a walk on Mt. Wellington.  We popped our little hitchhikers in our packs and off we went to Silver Falls and onto The Springs via Radfords Track. It was so fantastic to get back into the bush and to walk and talk … and puff, with my dear friend.

We have both entered into the Triple Tops Mountain Run along Mt. Claude, Mt. Van Dyke and Mt. Roland in November.  This was the start of our ‘training’, which is quite effective with 15 kilos on our backs!  We have both competed in this event before (pre-children) and performed quite well, so it will be interesting to see how we go this time round!?  I dare say there will be a lot of pain, but we will appreciate those friendly ‘Lion Club’ smiles as they hand out oranges to quench our thirst and exhaustion!



IMG_0784  IMG_0786   IMG_0789




A Walk in the Mountains

Mt Wellington

We were up early and out the door for another bushwalk this morning!  This time a leisurely stroll to The Springs on Mount Wellington with my dear friend, Sam.

We had two little hitch-hikers (James & Scarlett), a dog (Maisy) and a blonde tour guide (Poppy) – who loves learning plant names!  She added the Tasmanian Snowberry, Pink Mountain Berry and Melaleuca to her repertoire this morning.  Bless.

Tasmanian Snowberry

The Springs Picnic

The Springs Picnic

The Springs Picnic

The Springs Picnic


The Springs

Mt Wellington

Mt. Wellington

Mt Wellington

Mt. Wellington

Sleepy Bye-Byes


Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

Another year has ticked over and we were out on the water in Hobart last night with Nick’s brother Will, his wife Tup and Poppy’s cousins Maggie and Lily.  The sunset over Mt. Wellington was divine, as were the oysters and sushi we had on board!  The fireworks weren’t too shabby either!



New Year's Eve - 2014

New Year's Eve - 2014 - 83



New Year's Eve - 2014 - 64


New Year's Eve - 2014 - 52

New Year's Eve - 2014 - 49




Over the past couple of days we have also spent time at The Taste of Tasmania, with and without Poppy and James.  This is one of my favourite times of year in Hobart as we see our gorgeous city transform into a city full of yachties, travellers and foodies from all parts of the world.


The Taste

The Taste

The Taste

The Taste

The Taste

The Taste


Poppy and Comanche

Constitution Dock


A Snowy Weekend

Lake Dobson Mt Field

Tasmania experienced such wild weather last week with numerous storms battering the state resulting in flooding, wind damage and the temperature plummeting … brrrrr!

On the plus side, there is lots of snow about and so we went on a mission on Saturday, only to find ourselves at Mt. Field – along with the rest of Hobart (or so it seemed).

Our little snow angels looked so cute all rugged up with their runny noses, being captivated by this foreign environment.  James lolled around in his snow-suit and Poppy and Nick built a snow man and named him ‘Olaf‘.


Mt Field

My sister Janelle, and her family were also visiting Hobart for the weekend.  We had a meal out at T42 on Friday and a dinner party at home on Saturday.  Poppy was very happy to have three ‘big girl cousins’ in the house to play with all night long!

Sunday morning was an absolute cracker and we rugged up once again and went for a spin in the ‘speedy boat’.  Mt. Wellington looked oh so beautiful draped in a shawl of snow … I ♥ winter!

Speedy Boat

Captain James

Nick and Maisy

Speedy Boat

Nick and Poppy

James ... asleep again

Maisy ... loving it

Winter in Hobart

Speedy Boat



Mountain ♥

IMG_5721I have been craving an extended trip into the mountains … but it will have to wait until my little peeps are a little older.  So instead, I loaded everyone up in the car this morning and we went on an adventure to Mt. Wellington.

I pointed out the native plants to Poppy along the way, we picked up sticks, sang ‘walking in the bush‘ song from Playschool, had a few wees and had rocks in our shoes but we finally made it to Sphinx Rock where we enjoyed the view and the fabulous sunshine.

Not quite an epic five-day bushwalk but certainly satisfied a smidgen of my mountain cravings!  Xx

Pink Mountain Berry

My little peeps


Sphinx Rock

Sphinx Rock


Pops in the bush

Tree detail

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