Silver Falls


I had a lovely weekend last week spent with our little man James, as Nick took Poppy away on the boat for a ‘Dad and Daughter‘ weekend with some of his mates and their girls.  Poppy had an amazing time playing with her friends, fishing, collecting shells and watching Barbie movies.

I really valued the time spent with James one-on-one and I didn’t realise just how much Poppy talks when she is at home.  It was so quiet as James just potted around with his books and puzzles!

On Saturday morning, I met Sam and Scarlett for a walk on Mt. Wellington.  We popped our little hitchhikers in our packs and off we went to Silver Falls and onto The Springs via Radfords Track. It was so fantastic to get back into the bush and to walk and talk … and puff, with my dear friend.

We have both entered into the Triple Tops Mountain Run along Mt. Claude, Mt. Van Dyke and Mt. Roland in November.  This was the start of our ‘training’, which is quite effective with 15 kilos on our backs!  We have both competed in this event before (pre-children) and performed quite well, so it will be interesting to see how we go this time round!?  I dare say there will be a lot of pain, but we will appreciate those friendly ‘Lion Club’ smiles as they hand out oranges to quench our thirst and exhaustion!



IMG_0784  IMG_0786   IMG_0789



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