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New Year Festivities

New Years Eve

I love this time of year in Hobart as it always reminds me of my previous days of travelling overseas.  Where you wander the streets hearing romantic languages of the French, the Spanish and other alluring accents that instantly transport you back to when you were experiencing far off shores in your twenties!

I also love the welcome the locals and other visitors provide the yachts and their crew, who have sailed for many days in the various ocean yacht races, often through treacherous seas, to be finally enveloped by the sanctuary and beauty of this harbour city and the reassuring notion that everything will be alright.

I love the big cheer from the crowd as they berth their vessels of varying sizes (and budgets) where hot showers and a comfortable bed awaits.  To sample some of the local produce at The Taste – a week-long food festival celebrating Tasmania’s food and wine, where the salty taste of the sea, soon becomes a distant memory.

The flags on yachts flutter in the warm sea breezes, lazy afternoons drinking the local cider at the Rolex Tent with friends, balmy evenings on board welcoming in a New Year, with new resolutions to truly live in the moment and to appreciate all those surrounding us and the beautiful place in which we live.  Xx

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Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

Another year has ticked over and we were out on the water in Hobart last night with Nick’s brother Will, his wife Tup and Poppy’s cousins Maggie and Lily.  The sunset over Mt. Wellington was divine, as were the oysters and sushi we had on board!  The fireworks weren’t too shabby either!



New Year's Eve - 2014

New Year's Eve - 2014 - 83



New Year's Eve - 2014 - 64


New Year's Eve - 2014 - 52

New Year's Eve - 2014 - 49




Over the past couple of days we have also spent time at The Taste of Tasmania, with and without Poppy and James.  This is one of my favourite times of year in Hobart as we see our gorgeous city transform into a city full of yachties, travellers and foodies from all parts of the world.


The Taste

The Taste

The Taste

The Taste

The Taste

The Taste


Poppy and Comanche

Constitution Dock

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