A Snowy Weekend

Lake Dobson Mt Field

Tasmania experienced such wild weather last week with numerous storms battering the state resulting in flooding, wind damage and the temperature plummeting … brrrrr!

On the plus side, there is lots of snow about and so we went on a mission on Saturday, only to find ourselves at Mt. Field – along with the rest of Hobart (or so it seemed).

Our little snow angels looked so cute all rugged up with their runny noses, being captivated by this foreign environment.  James lolled around in his snow-suit and Poppy and Nick built a snow man and named him ‘Olaf‘.


Mt Field

My sister Janelle, and her family were also visiting Hobart for the weekend.  We had a meal out at T42 on Friday and a dinner party at home on Saturday.  Poppy was very happy to have three ‘big girl cousins’ in the house to play with all night long!

Sunday morning was an absolute cracker and we rugged up once again and went for a spin in the ‘speedy boat’.  Mt. Wellington looked oh so beautiful draped in a shawl of snow … I ♥ winter!

Speedy Boat

Captain James

Nick and Maisy

Speedy Boat

Nick and Poppy

James ... asleep again

Maisy ... loving it

Winter in Hobart

Speedy Boat


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