What do you think?

Over the past six months I have been contacted by numerous companies and organisations with proposals to advertise on The Poppy Files.  I have been in two minds about this for some time and wondered what my devoted readers think?

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Firstly, the primary function of the The Poppy Files is my creative outlet.  It is also a family memento as we watch our children evolve each day and an account of our life here in Hobart.  I love that the blog is clean and free from flashing advertising trying to compete for your eye and eventually a click to convert unsuspecting readers into thinking they ‘need’ a product or service.

Adversely it continues to surprise me how many of you visit The Poppy Files – I receive an average of 50 visitors a day from all over the world, which is a pittance compared to other blogs but it is humbling to know that people are interested in my account of our life in Tasmania.

So – what do I do?  Part of me is attracted to the idea of monetising my blog if I can, but would I be selling out?  What do you think:


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