Sneaky Peek : Ahoy There

Pirate George

Ahoy there!  I am so sorry for my lack of posts this week – to be honest I am finding it a challenge to keep on top of my daily publishing now that I am back at work!  I think I will only post three times a week instead!

In regards to my recent survey on whether I should accept advertising on The Poppy Files or not, the results are now in and 64% polled NO to advertising!  So there you have it – the people have spoken.

On Monday Poppy, James and I met my friend Sam at The Machine Laundry Cafe for a cuppa in the afternoon.  Poppy was sitting beside the window when she noticed a gentlemen walking past with an eye patch on.  I took a little gasp of air, knowing what was to come and true to form she announced at the top of her voice:

Look Mummy – there’s a PIRATE!

Sammy and I could not stop laughing – a good old belly laugh indeed.  Bless xx.

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