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Take Me to Rio


On Wednesday night, I took Poppy along to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s Family Concert series – Take Me to Rio:

Take Me To Rio is a celebration of all things Latin American.

What are you waiting for?  Wear your samba shoes, take your place in the conga line and join the party in 2016.

You don’t need to go to Rio.  Simply book your ticket and be comfy in your seat at the Federation Concert Hall.

It was a very entertaining show, complete with fantastic classical music, humour and even a conga line at the end of the concert, where Pops joined in and ended up on stage!  I love how the Orchestra don’t take themselves too seriously at these fabulous ‘family friendly’ concerts!

Poppy Take Me to Rio Take Me to Rio Conga Poppy on stage


Five Years Old


Our baby girl turned 5 year’s old on Tuesday!

Poppy's 5th Birthday

It is hard to remember our life without her.  She is in absolute joy to be around and has changed so much in the last year.  Now that she is at Kindergarten she has a new found zest for knowledge and continually asks many, many questions.  Like this one just now:

Is there only one sun in the whole-wide-world?  Is it even bigger than this house?  Even bigger than a skyscraper?  Wow that’s big Mum!

As part of her birthday celebrations we went along to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Family Classics Series to see Babe in Concert.  Both James and Poppy enjoyed it, even though they found it a little scary in some parts.  I am pleased to be able to expose them to the wonders of classical music at a young age, as I still get chills the moment the orchestra begins.

Babe in ConcertPoppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th Birthday

On Sunday she had a few of her Kindergarten friends around for a party.  With a Frozen Piñata, Pass the Parcel and cake … she exclaimed that it was the ‘BEST birthday party EVER’!

Poppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th Birthday

On her actual birthday she visited Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary as part of her School Holiday Program, and we went out to Fish Frenzy for some early fish and chips.

Poppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th BirthdayPoppy's 5th Birthday Poppy's 5th Birthday

I am looking forward to the next five years and cast my mind back regularly to those early days when we first met each other.  Bless!  xx

Poppy coming homePoppy one month oldPoppy and GordyPoppy and SophiePoppyPoppy's first flight Washing Little Socks

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