Icena Farm Stay


My extended family all met at Icena Farm Accommodation for the ANZAC Day Long Weekend.  A farming family going on holidays to a another farm … classic!

Nick and I broke up our journey and stayed in Launceston on Friday night – where the Autumn leaves and light were amazing, before venturing out to Icena the next morning.

Chalmers ChurchThe Cateract GorgeThe Cateract GorgeThe Cateract GorgePaterson StreetAutumn LeavesChalmers ChurchChalmers ChurchSt. John Street

Icena is located on the far north-eastern tip of Tasmania – a special place for me as an amazing camping spot when I was younger, and later where I was a guide on the Bay of Fires Walk for several years.  Nick also had a family farm in the district when he was growing up and my brother spent many years harvesting on the Rushy Lagoon property.

In my opinion the region has it all – beautiful beaches, rolling green hills, bushwalks and even a wind farm!  The weather was absolutely glorious and we really did have an amazing time.

Mussleroe Bay Wind Farm

We had a cooking roster where you were allocated a meal and a sibling or brother/sister-in-law to cook with.  As a result, it was a very relaxing weekend apart from when you were in the kitchen cooking your assigned meal.

Janelle and Paul on the job

We had some fun and games on our last night, pulling out some hilarious masks that I bought years ago at The Louvre in Paris.  Masks that always add a little bit of humour in any situation.  Xx

Julius Caesar

James an PoppyBridportIcenaScrabbleChatting sistersWind FarmWind FarmWind FarmWind FarmWind FarmWind FarmLittle Mussleroe BayLittle Mussleroe BayLittle Mussleroe BayIcenaIcenaStumpys BayDolphinsStumpys BayStumpys BayStumpys BayStumpys BayStumpys BayStumpys BayWallabyMy MumMasksNinaRob & PaulMy DadIcenaIcenaThe CousinsThe GibsonsMy FamilyThe CousinsShells at Mariposa BeachShells at Mariposa BeachPoppy

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