Sailing : Hobart to Launceston

Dawn at Schouten Passage

There are times in life where all the stars align and you are presented with an opportunity that is just too good to refuse.  Our good friends are sailing in the Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race in their superb Beneteau 57 – Mistraal and I was asked to hop on board for the delivery trip.  How could I say no?

The crew consisted of five women – our Skipper, Jacinta and also Amanda, Colleen, Emma and one tolerant fella … Chris!  We all met at the Derwent Sailing Squadron in Hobart on Wednesday morning, where we headed off on a crystal clear day.  As the nautical miles ticked by, we ate, talked, laughed, took photos, ate more and well … just relaxed.

I soon found the rhythmic groove of cruising – sleeping, eating, lazing in the sun, watching the changing horizons, the rising and setting sun and the amazing marine wildlife.  We were visited by numerous dolphins and a show-stopping Humpback Whale who decided to wow us with the gorgeous backdrop of Cape Hauy on the Tasman Peninsula.

DolphinsDolphinsHumbpack Whale Breaching Whale breaching

Home is where my heart is, but I loved being away for a brief snippet and from the daily requests for the next sandwich, water, nappy change, bath-time, the bedtime battles and keeping everyone happy.  To me, there is nothing quite as indulgent than having a mid-day sleep whilst cruising at sea.  The gentle whir of the engine complimented by the roll of the sea, especially when there are no little ones on board to supervise.  In the end, Amanda and I used the excuse of going below to ‘wash up’ but would sneak off for another blissful kip.

To be on this beautiful yacht, cruising the majestic Tasmanian coastline with old and new friends, I felt truly content.  We arrived at our destination at day-break on Friday morning and I was excited to be heading home to ‘my crew’ but I will fondly remember this voyage and ‘this crew’!  xx

The crew passing Swan IslandThe CrewLoading on our gear Ned Kelly Leaving HobartCrew on deckCape RaoulDolphinsCape RaoulMistraalHeading towards Tasman Island Cape PillarCape PillarThe Mermaids (with crazy hair)! Cape PillarCaptivated by the geology Cape Pillar Cape Pillar Cape Pillar Cape PillarTasman Island Tasman IslandWhale Spotting JacintaLunch Jacinta Emma, Jacinta & AmandaEmmaAmanda & EmMaria Island Crazy Yacht Hair Maria Island Mistraal off Maria Island MistraalMistraal off Maria IslandSunsetSunset over Maria IslandDawn at Freycinet PeninisulaSunrise at FreycinetRed GraniteSunrise over Freycinet SunriseSunrise over FreycinetIMG_3924 Day BeersColleen's Lasagne! Dolphins Light reading SkipperSailingSailing IMG_3870SundownersIMG_3871 SundownerMistraal Our gearOur Gear Our destination MistaalOur mafia van

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