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Sneaky Peek : Little Digits

Little DigitsSuch precious little hands – hands that are now intrigued with all the nooks and cranny’s around our home.  Hands that can clap.  Hands that are eagerly discovering food, books, toys, Maisy’s tail … and door jambs!

Yesterday whilst I was in the kitchen whipping up a storm, Pumpkin (as Poppy now affectionately calls James) had discovered the little crack in between the door jamb when he toppled over, pushing the door closed on two of his little digits.  A scream like no other engulfed the house.   I felt sickened at what I was about to find … and despair in how to free him (I was on the other side of the door), I squeezed through the gap and released his little fingers from the door – only to see two very flat fingertips.

My stomach lurched – our poor little man.  His screaming continued whilst I embraced him with cuddles and grappled for ice from the freezer.  His little digits slowly returned to being plump and pinkie red again – but boy oh boy what a fright.

In primary school I witnessed a boy who clasped his hand around the common room door only for a gust of wind to slam the heavy door shut and as quick as a flash – the tip of his finger was on the floor.  I remember the feeling of being sickened at that sight and I guess it has never left me.

Our little babes are so precious, but at the same time I am all about exploration and so I will let them roam free but with gentle and loving guidance along the way.

Poppy and James have a brand new cousin!  Baby Lily Eliza Davies was born yesterday morning in Melbourne – congratulations Tup and Will.  Xx


Sneaky Peek : Baby Blue Eyes


Poor old ‘Jamesy Boy’ has had a ruptured ear infection and so he is back on the dreaded antibiotics.  X


Sneaky Peek : My Child Magazine

My ChildI have just subscribed to My Child online magazine.

Not one to purchase many magazines due to the cost and what to do with all those glossies after you have read them, but I do subscribe to a few online … it’s just finding the time to read them!

I find it can be very overwhelming wading through the plethora of information out there about pregnancy, babies and toddlers – I only wish I had picked up this magazine when I was pregnant with Poppy.

Being a visual person I love the layout and am impressed with the range of information beyond pregnancy, the editorials, the product reviews and especially the web links provided.  I especially enjoyed reading the My Child Excellence Awards – feeling chuffed when I saw some of the products we use, adorned with a star!

Subscribe now … go on!

My Child

My Child


My Child magazine came about after I gave birth to my beautiful son, Duncan, in May 2004. My husband Brian and I were both in our 40s (I had Duncan at 41!) and had given up on the idea of having children so Duncan really was a kind of miracle for us!

At school I was a bit of a rebel and when I left, I ended up working in exactly what I had never wanted to do – secretarial! Plus it was in the corporate sector – merchant banks and chartered accountancy firms – which did not suit my personality at all. Mind you, I was pretty good at it and ended up running conferences around Australia. Then in my late 20s I finally went to Macquarie University to do a double major in English Literature before moving into magazine publishing.

I’ve now been working in magazines for over 20 years across weeklies, monthlies and quarterlies including That’s Life!, Elle, Family Circle and CLEO. I’d never looked at parenting magazines until I fell pregnant, however I found none of them were my cup of tea. Their features were too superficial to learn anything substantial from and their design unappealing.

I’d also decided I wanted to be around as much as possible for the first few years of Duncan’s life before he started school. I wanted to be there while he was little to experience his first steps and all those sweet (but often challenging) growing-up stages. But I also needed to work.

These factors, plus my wonderful husband’s support, were what prompted me to start up my own magazine, which is still run from my home! The mag has been produced as a quarterly print publication since 2006 and has now transitioned to a free digital-only monthly format – our June issue (the first digital-only magazine of ours) went live on 23 May.

I just love my job but have to say that I’ve also never worked so hard in my life. We didn’t have enough money behind us when we started and that’s made things tough at times – especially when it came to cash flow in the early years – but it really is the best thing I’ve every done. Running my own business has surprised me too in how creative it is. There are new challenges every day, particularly in my role as advertising director. I had no sales background at all and so this really has been a steep learning curve!

Another difficult aspect is getting enough sleep. I used to be a solid nine-hour-a-night girl but now, to ensure I’m there for Duncan after school (he’s 10 now and in year five at school) until he goes to bed, work nights in addition to the school hours.

It’s all worth it though. Producing the magazine (Brian manages our IT, website and accounts) is like completing a huge jigsaw puzzle. And I love puzzles!

It’s amazing today to look back on how far the business has come, especially as it’s continually evolving as we’re always trying to improve what we’re doing. I don’t think I could ever work for anyone else now and it will be interesting to see where My Child goes in the next few years. We’re certainly planning on bigger and better! Most of all, though, I love being able to balance my work life with being a mum to Duncan. I feel very grateful for the opportunity and really appreciative of my husband’s support and that of my awesome staff!

Lise Taylor – Editor


Sneaky Peek : Sleep Talk

Baby Sleeping by Martin-LyneSLEEP – the topic of conversations, thought processes and planning for most mother’s with young babies!  Unfortunately the topic is currently consuming me as James has totally regressed with his sleeping and has been very unsettled at night for many months.

I swallowed my pride last week and called in a ‘Sleep and Settling Consultant’!  Our mothers and grandmothers would ‘tut tut’ but I had reached breaking point.  I knew I needed help after I ashamedly hurled my Ugg boot across my bedroom in desperation, after so many nights of sleeplessness.

James would sleep well during the day as I have always been quite routine with him – punctuating my days by making sure I am home for his long lunch time sleep.  He would also settle well during the day and at bedtime but would then wake frequently from 11.00pm onwards.

Up until last week I would quickly breastfeed him and pop him back in his cot for another slumber.  Before I realised it, I was now on the self-perpetuating cycle of feeding him during the night and rewarding him for his wakefulness – resulting in exhaustion from being awake and having to make more milk.  Mooo!  I also knew I was feeding him for longer than he physically needed – especially as he had started well on solids and shouldn’t be needing any extra top-ups during the night.

I had made a rod for my own back – he was now in the habit of waking for a little midnight cuddle, some warm breast milk and a pat from his Mummy?  Why wouldn’t he?  Your mind can make the most appropriate justification for any behaviour – especially in the wee hours:

Oh he’s teething

It’s quicker to feed him so he will settle back to sleep

He didn’t drink much at bedtime, he must be hungry

We’re away on the boat – he isn’t in his familiar environment

Oh he must be still teething

Blah, blah, blah

I was like a walking zombie, only getting between 3 – 4 hours of sleep on my worst nights and enduring his crying of up to 2 hours at a time.  A helmet had encased my brain and all I could see was fog – I felt desperately tired and grumpy.

Ding Dong … Libby, the Sleep Consultant turned up last Friday and sat with me for nearly two hours to discuss my plight.  She taught me about sleep cycles; parent-led sleep associations; over-tiredness; pausing and consistency.  I had a previous understanding of all of these but I guess had lost the confidence to really apply them when the cards were down.

With copious notes in hand and a new vigor of hope in my step I felt excited about this next commitment.  Ironically James slept through that whole night … and the next … and the next.  I didn’t even need to apply my new routine … until last night when he was back to his old ways and persisted on crying from 1:40am to 3:20am.  Yawn!

A few steps forward and a couple back.  I am determined for this not to beat me.  I need my beauty sleep.  Xxx


Sneaky Peek : Sleep Deprived Surfing

Hopewell QuiltHmmmppphff!

Nick and I have had another sleepless night with our James.  Luckily he is so cute because I would have put him on eBay months ago (only joking).  Grrrrrr!

So rather than focusing on the negatives (oh boy I could rant about how little sleep we are getting at the moment) I thought I would focus on the positives and share some lovely things that have been piquing my interest during my sleep deprived web surfing moments.


Il Bisonte Bag

UNIQLO Cashmere

Print Bebe Pants


Abode Linen


Sneaky Peek : Autumn Light


Here is a day,

dawn to dark,

a string of moments small enough to

ignore or notice,

a stretch of time

between awakening

and sleep to be

savored, or brushed

aside in the rush

to some distant

destination. Here

is a day, different

from any other,

with its own flavor

to be tasted. The

golden glow just

before the sun

rose held such

promises as I

knew must be kept –

knew beyond even

the nagging whisper

of doubt were true –

that this very day

the whole perfection

of the universe can

be inhaled like the

scent of fallen leaves,

the heady fragrance

of trees returning what

was never theirs to keep.

                 Danna Faulds

This poem was shared in my yoga class on Saturday morning and I thought it was so perfect for this time of year.  I love the soft light of these Autumn days and the vibrancy of orange leaves that cling on so delicately to their homes before drifting to the ground.  Xx


Sneaky Peek : Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse

After Poppy’s bath last night we turned off the lights in her bedroom, opened the curtains and watched the Lunar Eclipse rise over a twinkling Derwent River.  It was indeed a beautiful view and one that Poppy was quite captivated by.

It made me realise that I’ve become an ‘indoors dweller’ and have been missing out on the encore of nature’s light shows.  For years I spent numerous seasons working in the outdoors and witnessed many auroras whilst sleeping in a bivvy bag, under a blanket of stars.  I felt in tune with the seasons and knew exactly when the full moon was, the solstice and the equinox.  I liked the feeling of being in rhythm with nature.

The heavens themselves run continually round, the sun riseth and sets, the moon increaseth, stars and planets keep their constant motions, the air is still tossed by the winds, the waters ebb and flow, to their conservation no doubt, to teach us that we should ever be in motion

Robert Burton – The Songlines

I need to turn Peppa Pig off and get Poppy outside – light a little campfire in the backyard and show her the wonders of nature.  It isn’t all bad – as we came down the stairs this morning, there was condensation on our window and Poppy said:

Mummy, it is very frisky outside this morning!

Frosty perhaps darling?

Definitely not as cold as the morning below, overlooking Barn Bluff on one of my trips through the Overland Track in 2007.

Overland Track


Sneaky Peek : Crawl Baby Crawl

James is now on the MOVE with his first coordinated crawl taking place last Friday.

Time to drag out those stair gates again, batten down the hatches and remove all the temptations at floor level (ie: Portuguese millipedes; cords and choking hazards).

James Crawling

James Crawling

Portuguese MillipedesP
Portuguese Millipedes

Sneaky Peek : Row Row

Rowing Skiff

Nick has been looking on Gumtree for a rowing skiff for over a year now and his patience has paid off, as he finally found this little gem that he picked up yesterday.

Poppy ran inside, grabbed all of her toys and took them for a ‘row’.  Mmmm … never too soon to learn I guess.

Rowing Skiff

Rowing Skiff

Rowing Skiff

Rowing Skiff

Moosey at the helm


Sneaky Peek : Diamonds are Forever



Mummy when I grow up I’m going to have a precious ring like yours and get married.

Who are you going to marry Poppy?


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