Sneaky Peek : Little Digits

Little DigitsSuch precious little hands – hands that are now intrigued with all the nooks and cranny’s around our home.  Hands that can clap.  Hands that are eagerly discovering food, books, toys, Maisy’s tail … and door jambs!

Yesterday whilst I was in the kitchen whipping up a storm, Pumpkin (as Poppy now affectionately calls James) had discovered the little crack in between the door jamb when he toppled over, pushing the door closed on two of his little digits.  A scream like no other engulfed the house.   I felt sickened at what I was about to find … and despair in how to free him (I was on the other side of the door), I squeezed through the gap and released his little fingers from the door – only to see two very flat fingertips.

My stomach lurched – our poor little man.  His screaming continued whilst I embraced him with cuddles and grappled for ice from the freezer.  His little digits slowly returned to being plump and pinkie red again – but boy oh boy what a fright.

In primary school I witnessed a boy who clasped his hand around the common room door only for a gust of wind to slam the heavy door shut and as quick as a flash – the tip of his finger was on the floor.  I remember the feeling of being sickened at that sight and I guess it has never left me.

Our little babes are so precious, but at the same time I am all about exploration and so I will let them roam free but with gentle and loving guidance along the way.

Poppy and James have a brand new cousin!  Baby Lily Eliza Davies was born yesterday morning in Melbourne – congratulations Tup and Will.  Xx

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