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Sneaky Peek : Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse

After Poppy’s bath last night we turned off the lights in her bedroom, opened the curtains and watched the Lunar Eclipse rise over a twinkling Derwent River.  It was indeed a beautiful view and one that Poppy was quite captivated by.

It made me realise that I’ve become an ‘indoors dweller’ and have been missing out on the encore of nature’s light shows.  For years I spent numerous seasons working in the outdoors and witnessed many auroras whilst sleeping in a bivvy bag, under a blanket of stars.  I felt in tune with the seasons and knew exactly when the full moon was, the solstice and the equinox.  I liked the feeling of being in rhythm with nature.

The heavens themselves run continually round, the sun riseth and sets, the moon increaseth, stars and planets keep their constant motions, the air is still tossed by the winds, the waters ebb and flow, to their conservation no doubt, to teach us that we should ever be in motion

Robert Burton – The Songlines

I need to turn Peppa Pig off and get Poppy outside – light a little campfire in the backyard and show her the wonders of nature.  It isn’t all bad – as we came down the stairs this morning, there was condensation on our window and Poppy said:

Mummy, it is very frisky outside this morning!

Frosty perhaps darling?

Definitely not as cold as the morning below, overlooking Barn Bluff on one of my trips through the Overland Track in 2007.

Overland Track

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