Little Buddies

Poppy’s Little Buddies
From left to right: Gus, Flat Bear, Suzie, Rosie and Stanley

I would like you to meet Poppy’s Little Buddies that look over her during her slumbering hours. I have been role-playing with Poppy using her toys and I love that time of day when I tuck her into bed and each little buddy says ‘good-night’ in their own way.

First we have Gus, a little dog with a very Australian male accent. Flat Bear – despite her original name, has a pretty little voice, as does Suzie. Rosie is very shy, but sounds quite posh and well Stanley, he has a very deep voice with French undertones and makes Poppy laugh.

After they have protected her through the night, Poppy shows her appreciation by ‘posting’ them through her cot and onto the floor every morning.  They certainly are loyal little blighters!


  1. My Blankie | The Poppy Files - Wednesday, 19 September 2012

    […] The whole situation has got me thinking…I really do cherish my favoured belongings and due to my sentimentality, I think of the all the years I have worn and loved that scarf.  It has also made me realise how so many children become attached to their ‘blankie‘ or ‘toy‘ ranging in many forms.  Bron & Jerome’s son Chester, has ‘Blue Bear‘ and he goes everywhere with him.  Ruby, my niece has ‘Tedden‘.  Anne’s daughter, Alice has a little bear.  Anne even has two of them and swaps them over after they have been through the wash, but Alice has switched on to her Mum’s conniving tricks!  Poppy hasn’t a favourite ‘attachment toy’ yet – she does love her Dolly, and Stanley but she is happy-go-lucky with all of her Little Buddies. […]

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