Spaghetti Smile

Little Miss Spaghetti Smile! Poppy has been going through such an annoying phase with her eating at the moment and I am finding meal times not very enjoyable. The wholesome food I have prepared for her either ends up on the floor or being pushed away. I then succumb to giving her toast or a Cruskit with avocado, fretting about the lack of nutritional value for our little one. Help!

I gave her some Spaghetti Bolognese last night and she loved it – and I certainly didn’t care how much mess she made!

On another note, I came down with a nasty bout of Gastro on Friday night. Oh my – I felt like dying. I will spare you the details but I wasn’t in a good way. To make things even trickier, Nick had to work on Saturday. I stumbled through with Poppy until 9 ish, when I rang my friend Sam for some backup! Changing Poppy’s nappy was very challenging.

Sam came to the rescue and took Poppy and Maisy for a big two-hour walk, whilst I slept.

I am on the mend now, but my gosh you value your health when you feel so dreadful and helpless. The cuddles Poppy kept giving me, also made me feel better.

Poppy ended up watching an awful lot of television during the day, and all I can say is thank goodness for ABC4 Kids.  I was very pleased to see Nick home to take charge of the dinner/bath/book/bed routine, whilst I laid on the couch, feeling sorry for myself.

I just hope Poppy, Nick and Sam don’t get it, as I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. 😦


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