Cubby : House

cubby-house or cubby is a small, snug place, which may be considered and used as a place of safety for children.  This may be constructed by the children themselves and used as a place of play. In Australia, children may have a small shed, play-house or tent which they use as a cubby-house. A child might build their own in various places in the house or garden, or have a pre-fabricated cubby. 


Playing with Poppy yesterday in her cubby reminded me of all the elaborate cubby’s I have made over the years with my sisters and brother, which included any snug place where our imaginations ran wild.  Growing up on a farm there were numerous opportunities for cubby design and implementation and often included hay barns, under grain trailers and tree houses.  My sister Cath, even dug a massive hole in the back paddock and covered it with weld mesh and a tarp?!  Mmmm…risk management anyone?

Poppy’s cubby is in the pantry, next to the fridge and is very safe!  Bring on the many years of building cubby’s together! x

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