My Blankie

Last Friday, I went to walk out the door with Poppy and realised it was quite cold outside.   So, I dashed back upstairs to grab my favourite red wool scarf….only to find it wasn’t in my wardrobe.  A slight panic arose and I thought: “No surely, it must be in my car/on the boat/at work/downstairs/scrunched in some bag that Poppy has been playing with/at a friend’s place”??

After a few deep calming breaths I went about my day, trying to think of the last time I wore my said, favourite scarf, and I really couldn’t remember – but I knew it was in the past couple of weeks.  I then searched in all the above mentioned places…but to no avail.

My search even reached the neurotic stage of phoning cafes that I have frequented recently, thinking I may have taken it off and placed it on the back of the chair only for it to fall to the floor … and I have left, without ‘my blankie‘.  I have even searched on eBay to see if there were any for sale!  I know, I know –  it is just a scarf, it’s gone!  Sob, Sob.

The whole situation has got me thinking…I really do cherish my favoured belongings and due to my sentimentality, I think of the all the years I have worn and loved that scarf.  It has also made me realise how so many children become attached to their ‘blankie‘ or ‘toy‘ ranging in many forms.  Bron & Jerome’s son Chester, has ‘Blue Bear‘ and he goes everywhere with him.  Ruby, my niece has ‘Tedden‘.  Anne’s daughter, Alice has a little bear.  Anne even has two of them and swaps them over after they have been through the wash, but Alice has switched on to her Mum’s conniving tricks!  Poppy hasn’t a favourite ‘attachment toy’ yet – she does love her Dolly, and Stanley but she is happy-go-lucky with all of her Little Buddies.

Maybe I need to harden up and just get over the fact that my favourite ‘blankie’ has gone, and hopefully to a good home.  RIP.

3 comments on “My Blankie

  1. ptica-archive
    Wednesday, 19 September 2012 at 8:26 am #

    I’m still holding out hope red blankie will turn up xoxo

  2. Tim
    Wednesday, 19 September 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    Mmmm…I think/hope red blankie will turn up somewhere. Otherwise we can only hope it has found a loving new home. It is hard to let go of favorite items. I hope you are well and truly over that nasty tummy bug.


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