Synonymous with sleeping…is feeding.  One part of the conversation doesn’t exist without the other!  

Once again, before Poppy was born I naively thought breastfeeding was just a given, a natural, instinctive behaviour.  Luckily, I have been able to feed Poppy well, but initially it wasn’t without its hurdles.  It took us both a little time to get used to the idea!

I love feeding Poppy and relish the moments of sitting quietly with her gazing up at me.  It is so beautiful.  

Now that she is nearly 5 months, she has other ideas and is very easily distracted.  I don’t really enjoy feeding her in public anymore as I feel quite exposed at times, as she lurches her head to investigate new sounds.

I look at her now (all 8 kilos of her) and am amazed that I have given her all of her nutrients from day one!  No wonder I have a ferocious appetite!

Below is a photo of when she is 8 days old and her first day out on the water!  

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