Pram, what pram?

Before having Poppy, I never noticed prams.  Now, I find myself looking twice at every pram that rolls by – I have even become adept at recognising various brands (Phil & Ted’s, Bugaboo’s and Mountain Buggies) from afar.  I think my husband even notices prams now too!

Another surprise I have noticed is the little smile that Mum’s exchange – that knowing look of empathy, support and sometimes, tiredness.  I used to drive a Volkswagen Beetle for years and the same would happen from fellow v-dub lovers. The little wave of camaraderie.

This is our pram – the Mountain Buggy Swift (well this photo is of the Urban Jungle – ours is a tad smaller).  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  Little Poppy looks so cute all bundled up inside as we head out on our daily walks.  

However, she has nearly out grown the carry cot.  She will soon be in the front facing-seat component that fits onto the frame.  At the moment Poppy faces me and I love looking down and seeing her all cosy in the pram.  When she moves to the forward facing seat, she will be looking out to the world as it passes by…another sign she is growing up more and more each day!

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