Since having Poppy in April, I have found that one of the most common conversation topics is none other than SLEEP!  There are numerous books written about the topic, websites, old wives tales and expert advice at every turn.  

I must admit, before having Poppy I was terrified about the lack of sleep a newborn can bring.  I was traumatised by all the horrendous stories I had heard from friends – sleepless nights for 9 months!  I kept telling myself it would only be temporary…surely?

Fortunately, Poppy has been very kind to us in the sleep department….so far.  I guess I am still holding my breath that this may change. My friend Anne, calls it the “Catastrophe Syndrome” – always waiting for the wheels to fall off. I was so terrified of being a walking zombie, I became quite routine with Poppy, as it seems to work for us (her, Nick and myself).  This routine does have its limitations, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.  I miss being totally spontaneous and spur of the moment, as I am always thinking around her sleep times.  

Poppy became sick last month and gave us a good taste of the ‘walking zombie’.  I would feed her and fall back into bed, and hold my breath for her whimper to subside. When it didn’t I would just breath quite deeply and think of the sun rising.  My other friend Jo (who has 3 boys) always says that things seem better after 4:00 am, as dawn is just around the corner.  I have definitely found this to be true.

It is funny how my text messages with other new mums always revolve around how much sleep our babies have had!  Ah, how life changes.  

Here is little Poppy in dreamland:


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