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Small Wins

Poppy is obsessed with wrapping, un-wrapping and wrapping Dolly again in her ‘blankie’! She is such a little mother and loves fussing over her little gem. She has been on fire at the moment, chatting away, laughing and learning lots of new words and sounds: Nick: What sound does a tiger make? Poppy: Rooooaaar Nick:

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Poppy ♥

I have finally taken some photos of Poppy this morning, and so today is Poppy ♥!  She loves her breakfast, which consists of weetbix, yoghurt, stewed rhubarb and bananas.

We are having a nice day hanging out together and have just returned from the park (where there were thousands of school children on their Christmas excursions).  Poppy was slightly overwhelmed and she is now tucked up in bed, fast asleep.  x


One Year + Half

Our little cherub is 18 months old today!  How time flies?

I was trying to ‘snap’ the perfect photo of her next to her ‘POPPY’ name, but she wasn’t being very obliging, not like this at 10 days old:


Eat Eat : Wash Wash

Today is Friday (and my 42nd Birthday) and I am featuring our little Poppet, but firstly here is a photo of me on my 5th birthday (I loved that shirt), with my new ‘Barbie’ and a fabulous cake that my Nanna made:

I think Poppy finally has her appetite back and is featured here enjoying her weet-bix and yoghurt!  I have also started serving her meals on her little table and I join her.  I think this has made a real difference.

I am also training her to wash up – yeah I wish??  It might be a few more years before she earns her pocket-money, but it’s never too early to start is it??  She wasn’t too fond of the taste of the detergent either. x

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