Small Wins

Poppy is obsessed with wrapping, un-wrapping and wrapping Dolly again in her ‘blankie’! She is such a little mother and loves fussing over her little gem.

She has been on fire at the moment, chatting away, laughing and learning lots of new words and sounds:

Nick: What sound does a tiger make?

Poppy: Rooooaaar

Nick: What sound does a pig make?

Poppy: Grunt

Nick: What sound does a cat make?

Poppy: Meow

Nick: What sound does a Poppy make?

Poppy: Pop!

Of course a Poppy makes a “Pop” sound!

On Motherhood – I have been thinking this week that perhaps I am a ‘Fair Weather Mother’?

I LOVE it when Poppy is happy and contented (which is a lot of the time) but she certainly has her moments. She has had a fair amount of sickness this year, which have made things tough at times. I don’t really cope that well when the ‘wheels fall off’.

I realise I do a silent jig when I can celebrate small wins – when Poppy sleeps from 7 pm to 7 am for example. I feel relieved when she eats all her dinner. I love when she doesn’t protest about having her teeth cleaned, or getting in the car seat. But most of all, when I cuddle her before she hops into bed, she rubs and pats my back and I am overwhelmed with the amount of love for her. I am so blessed to have experienced all that Motherhood has provided. xx

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