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Since returning from our ski trip to Jackson Hole, the horns have been pulled in financially and there is definitely no retail therapy for me for quite some time – but it doesn’t hurt to admire from afar does it?

These are some of the beauties that are piquing my tightened purse strings this week:

Bella Freud Jumper

Bella Freud’s signature knitted 1970 sweater is remade for this season in a beautiful vibrant red. This slim fitting style features a ribbed hem, cuff and neckline. Pair with a distressed straight leg jean and sneaker.

Bella Freud 1970 Jumper

Bella Freud Jumper

Spring Court Sneakers

Spring Court is the quintessential French sneaker and is renowned for its unparalleled comfort.

First designed in 1936 as a tennis shoe, the company still remains based in Paris with the same family and has now sold over 25 million pairs.

The two classic Spring Court styles are the G2 (low-cut) and B2 (mid cut), which are available in both cotton canvas and leather with permanent and seasonal colour ranges.

Spring Court

Il Bisonte ‘Clarissa’ Bag


With its precious finishes, the Il Bisonte CLARISSA shopper bag is elegant yet comfortable thanks to its double handle, so it can be carried either as a hand bag or shoulder bag.
Made with the highest quality sleek cowhide leather, over time it acquires a natural patina that enhances the accessory.

il Bisonte

il Bisonte

il Bisonte

Dreamy Kitchen

… and whilst we are really on a roll – here is the dreamiest kitchen I have ever seen, recently on est Global Living.  Swoon:

Est Living Belgian VillaJuma-Architects-est-living04Enough already! xx


New Year Festivities

New Years Eve

I love this time of year in Hobart as it always reminds me of my previous days of travelling overseas.  Where you wander the streets hearing romantic languages of the French, the Spanish and other alluring accents that instantly transport you back to when you were experiencing far off shores in your twenties!

I also love the welcome the locals and other visitors provide the yachts and their crew, who have sailed for many days in the various ocean yacht races, often through treacherous seas, to be finally enveloped by the sanctuary and beauty of this harbour city and the reassuring notion that everything will be alright.

I love the big cheer from the crowd as they berth their vessels of varying sizes (and budgets) where hot showers and a comfortable bed awaits.  To sample some of the local produce at The Taste – a week-long food festival celebrating Tasmania’s food and wine, where the salty taste of the sea, soon becomes a distant memory.

The flags on yachts flutter in the warm sea breezes, lazy afternoons drinking the local cider at the Rolex Tent with friends, balmy evenings on board welcoming in a New Year, with new resolutions to truly live in the moment and to appreciate all those surrounding us and the beautiful place in which we live.  Xx

The Hobart WaterfrontMistraalMistraalMistraal IMG_4592The Taste The TasteThe Rolex TentThe Rolex TentNew Years EveFood New Years Eve New Years EveDiggerHobartCath and INew Years Eve SunsetNew Years EveNew Years Eve New Years Eve New Years Eve New Years Eve New Years Eve


The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

On Wednesday night we went to The Golden Hour at Mona with Nick’s Family:

The Golden Hour

Communal dining at Mona, brought to you by our Executive Sous Chef Vince Trim. Soak up sunset courtesy of James Turrell’s rooftop spectacular, Amarna (2015), then retire to the Wine Bar for some top-notch tucker and flirty banter with the stranger on your left.

You arrive at 6:45pm to a glass of bubbles to compliment your oysters, before you are seated at a long communal (marble) table in the Wine Bar.  Followed by introductions to our neighbours on either side – a Climatologist from Hobart and a bunch of his friends from the States and on the other, a Frenchman with his Singaporean bride in Tasmania on their honeymoon.  An adjacent table were hosting a film crew from China, so the evening certainly had an international flavour, reminding me once again of the ‘Mona Effect‘ and the drawcard this museum in the northern suburbs, has become.

After an amazing entrée of Moo Brew Stout-cured and smoked ocean trout, asparagus, freekah & pickled basil we were ushered, drink in hand, to enjoy James Turrell’s light installation on dusk.  Sitting on the heated seats and marveling at the changing colours above us, we huddled back inside to enjoy the rest of our amazing meal.

It really is a fantastic concept – one where you feel you are having a private dinner party, meeting new people and eating fantastic food, yet without the worry of washing up!  It truly was a ‘Golden Hour’ … or two or three!  xx

The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden Hour The Golden HourIMG_3030


It’s beginning to feel a lot like …



I love this time of year.  Even though it is a very busy time, I love the anticipation of the end of the year and celebrating with family and friends.  I have been busy at work trying to finalise the academic year before I enjoy a break over the summer holidays.  Invitations are coming in thick and fast for Christmas functions, family nights, parties and get-togethers with friends.  Christmas decorations are popping up throughout the city and … at home!

We dragged out the dusty old box from under the house today containing the ‘fake’ Christmas tree we bought off Gumtree many years ago.  Poppy decorated it for hours within an inch of a …. bauble.  I must say, as I type this I can see the twinkling lights out of the corner of my eye, and the house feels very festive indeed.

Christmas Christmas Christmas

Yesterday we were in the city and ‘popped’ into the opening of the new Myer Hobart.  I can’t actually say ‘popped in’ because it was more like a line up!  I am not sure what I was thinking!  James was in the pram and I was dodging all the other Mum’s and their prams, plus hundreds of interested folk, keen to lay an eye on ‘their’ new department store, after the devastating fire of the original building in 2007.

Bursting into the retail space just prior to Christmas, the new store looked very sharp and … Christmasy!  A retailers delight.

Myer Hobart Myer Hobart Myer Hobart Myer Hobart Myer HobartMyer Hobart


Inez Daily

I am a subscriber to the fabulous Inez DailyStyle Solutions for Busy Women and recently the site showcased“21 PIECES THAT EVERY STYLISH WOMAN NEEDS IN HER WARDROBE”.  As I am about to de-clutter, it is confirming to see the list includes several of my favourites – classic pieces that stand the test of time … and bring a spark of joy!Dr-vs-Mum-1-captions Inez Daily

1.   The Stripe Tee:
Stripe tees have a lifetime membership to the ‘Classic Club’. Whilst a very selective club, their admission has never been contested.
Bassike ‘Stripe Heritage Neck’ t-shirt, $100

2.   The Stylish Track Pant
No, this is NOT an oxymoron. But they are hard to find. In fact the only label that always gets it right is  Bassike. Every. Single. Time.
Bassike ‘Stretch Cuffed Pull On Pant’, $295

3.   The Designer Handbag
No explanation needed.
Balenciaga Medium Cable Shopper, $1995

4.  The LBD
There’s a very good reason why the LBD makes every ‘must have’ list – when you find the right one, it will be your everything!
Country Road dress, $179

5.  The Bracelet Watch
Let’s be honest, since the rise of and subsequent attachment to our smart phones, we don’t actually need watches anymore. But we still really like to wear them – I put it down to one-part-habit, one-part-nostalgia and a big dash of they-just-look-really-cool.
Cartier ‘Tank Française’ 18K yellow gold and steel watch, $10 500

6.  The Classic Shirt
Their style may change from season to season – sometimes oversized, long and loose, worn with the cuffs rolled up and a pair of tailored shorts, or else slim, sharp and cropped at the waist to complement your favourite midi skirt. However you like to wear it, a few classic shirts are a must in every wardrobe.
Country Road blouse, $99.95

7. The Sweatshirt
The sweatshirt has undergone quite the transformation – for so long it was relegated to your ‘comfy-night-at-home’ wardrobe, rarely seen beyond a 50m radius of your sofa. But all this has changed.  Thanks to that wonderful new fashion-genre ‘sports-luxe’, sweatshirts have hit the big time.
AG Alexa Chung ‘Scarlet’ sweatshirt, $288.20

8.  The Sun Hat
Because we’re not getting any younger and could all do with a little more (stylish) sun protection.
Helen Kaminski ‘Tasi’ woven rafia visor, $145

9.  The Statement Necklace
An instant game changer.
Amber Sceats ‘Cara’ necklace, $299

10. The Perfect Face Framing Sunglasses
Essential for those days when you need a little extra help!
Celine ‘Lucy’ sunglasses, $339

11. The Essential Black Pant
The Black Pant needs no introduction – we all have a pair or two. It’s that fallback piece that we always reach for when we can’t decide what to wear, right?
But not all pants are made equal. The ‘essential’ black pant needs to be tailored, versatile, wear well and most of all be really flattering.
When looking for ‘the one’, opt for a slightly cropped style that will work well with both a heel and flat shoes.
Boden ‘Chelsea Turn-Up’, $94

12. The Canvas Sneaker
There is very few occasions where I feel the white canvas Spring Court would not be appropriate. In fact, I have a small library of these handsome specimens in various states ranging from ‘Box Fresh’ through to ’Loved, Worn in and a Little Bit Frayed Around the Edges’ to cover all such occasions.
Spring Court G2 sneakers, $120

13. The Blazer
The right blazer will work with pretty much everything in your wardrobe… Tailored pants? Of course. A print dress? Perfect. But it also looks really great with the sleeves pushed back, teamed with your favourite jeans and sneakers.
Weiss ‘Avray’ single-breasted wool blazer, $425

14. The Loafer
…because loafers NEVER go out of style.
Toga leather loafers, $542

15. The Trench
The trench is your perfect ‘plus 1’ coat… this stylish, tailored classic looks great layered up with sweaters and scarves in winter, but equally good with a colourful sundress and sandals in the warmer months.
ASOS trench coat, $152

16. The Midi Skirt
Equal parts flirty and fun!
Rumour London ‘Amalfi’ striped midi skirt, $267

17. The Cashmere Sweater
The perfect mix of classic style and ‘I-Just-Threw-This-Together’ nonchalance.
Uniqlo cashmere v-neck sweater, $79.90

18. The Black Leather Belt
A great black belt can make all the difference.
Country Road ‘Roller’ leather belt, $49.95

19. The Heeled Sandal
The simple, black heeled sandal is your best ally. Classic, stylish and comfortable, it always compliments what you’re wearing without ever overpowering or ‘stealing the show’. Team it with a suit for the office, a printed pencil skirt and denim jacket for a brunch date and or else a plain blouse and printed silk pant for the perfect ‘smart casual’.
Whistles ‘Luma’ ankle strap sandal, £175

20. The Two-Timing Wallet
A stylish staple that can also double as a clutch purse for evening.
Comme des Garçons wallet, $200

21. The Perfect Tee
There’s a reason why some people spend so much time selecting their tees – because once you get it right, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it… and then promptly order it in every colour!
Bassike tee-shirt, $100


Spark of Joy

My friend Melissa recently recommended a book to me – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.  I bought a copy and powered through the pages and have become completely inspired to de-clutter our home!


A comprehensive, illustrated manual on how to de-clutter and organize specific items throughout the house, from kitchen and bathroom items to work-related papers and hobby collections. User-friendly line drawings illustrate Kondo’s patented folding method as it applies to shirts, pants, socks, and jackets, as well as images of properly organized drawers, closets, and cabinets. Kondo also add in-depth advice on moving, packing, and dealing with necessary objects that may not spark joy—answering all the questions she’s gotten since her first book. This manual is perfect for anyone who wants a home—and life—that sparks joy.

Over the years we have accumulated so many toys, clothes and other items and as a result, I feel quite overwhelmed with all the ‘stuff’ in our home.  My goal for 2016 is to have a good clean out and live the simple, minimal life and enjoy items that only ‘spark joy’!


What’s App?

Morning Man

I always love stumbling across a new App and this week I have found three superb ones!

I’m not naturally a morning person but I have begrudgingly become used to them with a husband that has his alarm set for 5:30am most mornings to go to work, and two little people who are early risers.  I struggle to bounce out of bed each morning but recently came across The Morning Man Alarm Clock. I now wake to a gentle reminder in French that it is time to get up!  Love it!

THE MORNING MAN® Alarm Clock App is the best way to wake up and start your day. Listen to sweet and romantic voices from around the globe waking you up every morning! Why have a loud chirp or a bell as an alarm when you could wake up with a real Morning Man®?

Morning Man

When doing the grocery shopping or some other task that requires James to be engaged in some form of entertainment/learning, I reach for my phone to distract him from toppling all the apples from the display.  I know, I know – I’m not the perfect Mum, but I do find at times a good App is a godsend for me to get in and get the job done, without a grizzling toddler to boot.

My good friend Cherida has just been in Europe with her young family for four months and advised that Thinkrolls and Mini Ocean Swimmer were winners on long train/plane trips.  I uploaded these little numbers and James is engrossed!  At least I don’t feel too guilty as they certainly have learning outcomes for little fingers and their fine motor skills (that’s what I tell myself anyway)!  xx


Set your child’s mind in motion. Thinkrolls are the 22 hilarious characters in this educational app that’s one part rolling ball platformer, one part physics puzzler and 100% irresistible for kids 3-8.




Laugh out loud as you explore a magical underwater world with Fins the fish. Invite Fins out to play and let the adventures begin. Guide Fins through the water and discover dozens of fun surprises. Dive into sunken treasure, meet mysterious monsters and enjoy a treat at an underwater ice cream stand. Based on the wildly popular Sago Mini Forest Flyer, this open-ended play experience is sure to delight.


Would you like cracked pepper?

Menu Salt & Pepper Grinders

Nick gave me these divine Menu Bottle Grinders for my birthday after a little hint in his ear and I use any excuse just to grind a little cracked pepper over our food!

Bottle Grinders look nothing like the salt and pepper grinders you’re used to. And that’s the whole plan. To create something noticeable and to change a well-known thing into something brand new – as a way to encourage people to try new things.

“We wanted to steer far away from the predictable grinders and instead encourage people to experiment with spices, grains, seeds and all the other modern cuisine ingredients. The new powerful ceramic grinder allows you to be more creative,” says designer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from Norm. The grinders have a powerful ceramic grinder, and they are very easy to operate. You simply open them, fill them with delicious ingredients and close them again. Simple as that.

The unique, inverted design ensures that salt, pepper, pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries, walnuts – or whatever you fill them with – only sprinkle out when you grind, leaving no trace on the table or in the kitchen. The Grinders have a bottle like shape, which is also important to the whole experience. Designer Kasper Rønn, “From a shape like this, you’d expect the content to be something liquid like oil or dressing, you’re not at all expecting dried up spices or nuts. We used this shape to surprise and somewhat trick the users. Sometimes people need a bit of a surprise in order to change their habits”. Menu Bottle Grinders have a rounded base that fits perfectly into the hands, and have a rubber surface that’s easy to grip and to clean. They come in a range of beautiful, soft Scandinavian colors. Bon appétit.

Designer: Norm Architects
Materials: Plastic, Ceramic Grinder, Wood
Dimensions: 2.7″w x 7.8″h

Menu Salt & Pepper Grinders Menu Salt & Pepper Grinders Menu Salt & Pepper Grinders



Serenity Ring

I first saw this Georg Jensen Serenity Ring when I was in Melbourne in May and it never left my thoughts!  I bit the bullet and popped in on lay-by three months ago and last week it turned up in our letter box.  It is such a gorgeous piece and oh so organic in its shape.  I love it!  Xx

Serenity Ring Serenity RingSerenity Ring Serenity Ring


The School ♥

Instagram Debunked

Last Sunday I went along to an ‘Instagram Debunked‘ class offered by The School with the lovely Stephanie Somebody – a stylist, photographer and interior designer from Melbourne.

The class was held in the uber cool surrounds of the Core Collective, an architectural firm above Franklin Restaurant in Hobart.  Stepping into this design oasis where I was able to sit and learn all things Instagram for two and a half hours, was total bliss.

I am so thankful that Megan Morton’s ‘The School’ makes their way south to share such valuable knowledge.

Come listen and learn from self taught human Insta machine Stephanie Somebody!

Instagram can be a powerful tool. We all portray an image of ourselves through our Instagram feed and by making some small refinements your IG feed can be a thing of beauty but also set you apart from the rest. There are simple techniques which can vastly improve the overall appearance of your feed beginning with identifying your brand and then learning how to treat your photos for maximum impact. With a few key tools you can transform your IG feed into a visual manifesto and extend your reach beyond your immediate network.

Learn how to edit photos with basic editing programs, how design principles & elements impact your output, what people look at when they look at your photos/accounts and how to get the most out of the app. Hear about Stephanie’s personal experience with IG – how it has grown, where it’s going & how she got to where she is.

Instagram Debunked

Instagram Debunked

Instagram Debunked

Instagram Debunked

Instagram Debunked

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