Birthday Bliss

Pops & Larni

It was my birthday on Saturday and I had a wonderful day.  It started with Poppy standing next to my bed singing her rendition of “Happy Birthday”  followed by her saying “Happy Birthday Mummy“.  Ah, melt your heart!

The night before I had a catch up with the girls at The Italian Pantry which was delicious and fun.

The Italian Pantry

Alicia & Melissa

Mmm ...

The Girls

On Saturday morning we went to The Pigeon Hole for an early breakfast.  It was then the Opening Day of the sailing season but due to the blustery winds and unfavourable conditions on the Derwent, the ‘Sail Past’ (the Governor) was cancelled.  So we got together and sat in the marina for a few bubbles and some yummy food.  My husband was very organised and grabbed some expressed breast milk out of the freezer, so I could enjoy a glass or two!

It was fun.

Pops & Larni

Cath & Larni

Cath, Larni & Pops

Leesa, Cath, Larni & Depha

The girls

The Clan

Nicko, James & Larni

Depha, Chris & Cath

Big James & Pops

BIg James & Pops

Cath & James

Big James & Little James

Dad and James


Larni, James & Pops

Meg & Pops

Chris, James & Nick

Chris & James

Tickle Monster

RYCT Marina

Curly Pops



Mummy Poppy

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