Our Little Bear

Mountain Buggy Travel System

Our little bear is 11 weeks tomorrow!  James is growing up far too fast and it feels strange to be packing away those 0000 sized clothes for him, and breaking out the 000’s.  He has recovered well from his Bronchiolitis after a week of hunkering down out of the weather, with lots of sleep (and cuddles).

I am chuffed because I have just bought the Mountain Buggy Travel System which is an attachment for our pram, that enables you to clip the capsule from the car straight to the pram.  Oh my god – it is a godsend.  I haven’t had to disturb him during his sleep and it is so nice seeing him right in front of you.

Mountain Buggy Travel System


On another note, Poppy is slightly obsessed with taking photos with my iPhone.  These are some of her latest – quite artistic really!  Those poor passengers.  Xx



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