Dark MOFO Opening Night

On Friday Annabelle & I rugged up our tribe and went to the Dark MOFO Winter Festival Opening Night at the Queens Domain.  It was a cold, drizzly evening but it was so fun to be out and about with Poppy, Lilly & Ollie to see the amazing Spectra:



Let there be light.
-Genesis 1:3.

Imagine a tower of pure, white light, reaching fifteen kilometres into the Hobart sky above the Domain. At the base of the tower, forty-nine custom-made Xenon searchlights are set into the ground in a seven-by-seven grid; combined, they point a fleshless finger at our town straight down, it seems, from some sort of imagined, omniscient seat in the sky.

Sine waves – the purest kind of sound wave – form invisible sonic patterns at the base; your movement alters their composition in a way that only you can specify. Indeed, your experience is unlike your friends’, or anyone else’s at all. Now, stop imagining, and wait until nightfall.

Poppy was quite enamoured with the ‘rainbow’ in the sky!



Annabelle, Lilly & Ollie







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