Monday Blues

IMG_9850I am suffering from a severe case of the ‘Monday Blues’!  I am returning back to work today after six glorious weeks off!  It has been wonderful spending that amount of time with Poppy and I am going to miss her dearly today.

Our weekend has been another action-packed one.  We went away on the boat on Friday night, which was very relaxing.  Poppy becomes so excited when she has to put her life-jacket on to go in the dinghy with Nick.

On Saturday night, my dear school friend – Sarah and her friend Innes stayed with their daughter’s, Lucy and Beatrix from Melbourne.  It was wonderful to see Sarah again after almost a year.

The next morning we took them out on the boat for a very relaxed breakfast.  It was all happening on the river with sea planes taking off, two cruise ships in dock, the Aurora Australis ship cruising by and sailing competitions!


IMG_9847 IMG_7431 IMG_7428 IMG_7429 IMG_7438 IMG_7435 IMG_7457 IMG_7466 IMG_7468

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