Peas in a Pod

IMG_9449I have grown up with peas – as Dad has grown them commercially for many, many years.  He even has a great story of how he was actually sowing peas when I was born!

When I recently stayed on our family farm in Hagley, Mum gave me a big bundle of freshly grown peas before I left.  Mum and Dad hand-pick their personal needs from their crop before they are harvested.

On Boxing Day we sat around Mum and Dad’s living room with my sisters and brother and ‘podded peas’.  It is funny – I don’t think I have podded peas for many years, but that action of using your thumb nail to open the beautiful casing, then sliding the produce into your bucket that sits in your lap, and tossing the empty pod on the sheet spread out on the floor – came back to me very easily.  Such a simple task, but one that took me back to my childhood … and all those days of shifting irrigators, picking, podding and eating peas.
IMG_9468 IMG_9497

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