Trash or Treasure?

We have just sold our investment property in Launceston, after a friend’s sister approached me via Facebook!

I bought this house in 2002 and I felt proud as punch moving into ‘my own home’ and had a wonderful time living there.  I moved to Hobart in 2005 and kept a lot of my ‘stuff’ in the garden shed as I was moving into a small flat and couldn’t fit everything in.

Eight years on, all that ‘stuff’ was still there and in desperate need of sorting out.  Nick and I went up to Launceston at the weekend and I wasn’t sure how I would feel, closing this chapter of my life.  However, sorting through all my ‘so-called treasures’ from 2005 which included old furniture, artwork, garden pots, skis, walking boots and photos made me realise that your material possessions tarnish over the years.  We ended up taking most of it to the tip which felt so liberating!  What really matters in life are the precious memories, your health, your family and friends.

Yesterday we returned home with a few of my ‘treasures’ in tow and met Sam and Chris on the lawns at Salamanca for a drink! x

IMG_8983 IMG_8984 IMG_8988 IMG_9000

IMG_9024 IMG_9025 IMG_9026 IMG_9027

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