FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Hi, my name is Larni and I suffer from FOMO!

Even though I am at the most settled part of my life and cherish my days with Poppy and Nick, sometimes that little FOMO tug pulls a little too hard. For example, I was driving home at the sensible hour of 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon for the dinner-bath-book-bedtime routine when I happened to notice all the ‘after-work-drinks’ crowd meeting on a warm, sunny afternoon in Salamanca Place.  The bars were overflowing with good-looking 20-somethings and a felt a pang of envy.

The sheer freedom of meeting friends after work for drinks, which then morphs into dinner and maybe a dance or two.  I have become so predictable – I have dinner at 7 pm, watch the ABC News and am usually in bed by 9:30 pm (yawn).  How boring??

Being an older mum (I had Poppy when I was 40) has made me realise I had 22 years to have ‘after work drinks’ and I now love my home life with my beautiful family.  Sometimes though, I would just love the reckless abandon of running out the door at 4:00 pm to drink some bubbles in the sun!

Hmmmph!  Don’t mind me, I am just tired and grumpy.  Poppy’s eye teeth have been coming through and she hasn’t slept that well.

Nick was away this weekend for his mate’s bucks weekend.  They flew to Melbourne and headed up to the Murray where they were hiring a House Boat.

Poppy and I went for a walk along the Pipeline Track on Saturday afternoon.  She has just started to lead Maisy and is actually quite bossy with her.

On Sunday, Poppy and I caught the ferry out to MONA to go to the free Motown Concert with Annabelle and Anja and their children.  Turning up with Poppy in the backpack to a loud, outdoor concert with people everywhere made me feel a little overwhelmed.  Luckily the girls had found a great spot inside where all the children could run free.  It was pretty full on but Poppy wasn’t even interested in the Motown music or a dance with her Mum – she just wanted to eat her biscuit!


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