Tick : Tock

Nick:  “Am I ever going to get you back?”

Larni:  “Back from where?”

Nick:  “Bloggy!”

Oh dear!  I might need to reconsider my priorities?

Time is the most valued commodity isn’t it?  We rush around, saying we ‘don’t have time‘, but of course we do.  We really should say ‘I didn’t MAKE time’!  I find that my days are so busy – I am constantly on the go from when I jump (mmmm – slight exaggeration here, more like crawl) out of bed at 6.30 am.

If it is a work day for me, it is manic to get Poppy out the door by 7.45 am, and we only have her – I take my hat off to mum’s with 2/3/4 children!

My morning looks something like this:

6.30 – Shower

6.45 – Nick/I get Poppy up, change her nappy, have a little play

7.00 – Breastfeed

7.15 – Try to decide what to wear (whilst keeping her out of my wardrobe so she doesn’t pull all of my clothes/shoes out).  I know she is only try to help – bless her.

7.30 – Come downstairs, play/pat Maisy.  Put Poppy in highchair, boil kettle, make her cereal…and mine.  Feed her breakfast, whilst trying not to get it all over my work clothes

7.40 – Make her lunch

7.45 – Load her up in either the pram, or the baby backpack (depends how energetic I am feeling)

7.50 ish – Walk 10 minutes to her childcare (singing to her on the way)

8.00 ish – Greet the ever-friendly carers’ and kiss our little girl goodbye

8.10 – Go and catch the bus on Sandy Bay Road OR walk to the city (40 mins), once again depending on how energetic I am feeling

8.30/9.00 – Arrive at work, sit at my desk and take a big deep breath – OK – I am now ready for my work day.  PHEW!

I always feel as though I am rushing – rushing to get to work, rushing to get home and pick up Poppy, get her dinner, bathed and into bed.  We cook dinner and by the time I sit down at around 7.30 pm, all I feel like doing is zoning out and getting into my creative, bloggy zone.

We have so many roles to play don’t we – wife, mum, employee, dog owner, friend, daughter, sister?  I guess my constant challenge is to prioritise my time accordingly but, unfortunately, I have found that I don’t see my friends now as much as I would like and I don’t walk Maisy as much as I should.  But I rest easy knowing that like me, there are many, many mums and dads buzzing around doing exactly the same as I am…just trying to juggle all of those balls and keep them in the air!  X

3 comments on “Tick : Tock

  1. James
    Wednesday, 2 May 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    Hi Larni, Nick and Poppy

    I tried to leave a post the other day but my technical skills obviously let me down. Enjoy the spare 5 minutes you get, just wait to the endless questions start and learning about everything is mandatory NOW !

    Take Care The Butlers

    • Larni Davies
      Thursday, 3 May 2012 at 9:08 am #

      Hello James & Lisa
      Lovely to hear from you all! Yes, enjoying those spare 5 minutes at the moment. Ah the endless questions…bring it on??


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