Menu Mania

For years I have been incredibly disorganised with planning our evening meals.  At the end of the day, I would open the fridge with a sigh, scan the shelves and end up cooking a meal that you couldn’t really write home about.  The next couple of nights we would be out and before you know it – all those crisp, fresh vegetables bought earlier in the week with great intentions for a gastronomic delight, have now transformed into limp and lonely morsels – destined for the worm farm!

However, since being on Maternity Leave and having Poppy, I have become a Martha Stewart!  Nick and I now plan our evening menu for the week from our favourite cookbook IN THE KITCHEN, and only purchase ingredients for those recipes!  So organised!!

I add the list of ingredients into my new Woolworths application on my iPhone, and off I go.

As a result, I now avoid the dreaded question: “What are we going to have for dinner” and instead I scan the little menu plan on the fridge.  We enjoy some beautiful meals, save money and am proud to admit – our worms aren’t quite as well fed! x

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