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Fabulous Friends

I am blessed with many beautiful friends in my life.  Even though quality time together is always compromised due to family and work commitments, I value the time I do share with my dear friends which can incorporate a quick chat before my yoga class, a catch up for a hot chocolate and cake before seeing an art house movie, a bushwalk with our children in tow or a crazy play date with lots of disjointed conversations!

Friends Collage

I was out on Tuesday night at Frank Restaurant with two of my special friends, when we ran into another one.  As we were all sitting and chatting about our work, it dawned on me how amazing my friends all are!

One has spent the last year in the battle against breast cancer and has now landed a great job with a Change Management Agency.  Another was successful in securing a lucrative grant to develop a tourism App for the local University and is off to Denmark to present a paper in June.  A dear friend of mine has a one-year old daughter with Cystic Fibrosis and has the constant juggle of hospital visits and returning to her job as an Outdoor Education Teacher.

Others own their own businesses and juggle being beautiful mothers to their children whilst operating tours around Tasmania; selling fireworks; project managing and building their family home, delivering personal training to a wide range of clients to even marrying people in their spare time!  One of my dear friends judges the National Tourism Awards every year, another is fighting for Indigenous rights in an uphill battle in Melbourne whilst others have aging parents living in Europe.  One of my oldest friends is the Operations Manager for a very successful business in Tasmania – selling Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon to the world.

One of my beautiful friends was pivotal in organising Tasmania’s premier event last November, where the world was invited to dinner as part of the Restaurant Australia campaign:

Feeling reflective as the snow settles on Mt. Wellington on this cool afternoon in Hobart, I value all the great times I share with you all.  You constantly inspire and motivate me.  Xx

Friends Collage

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