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I have finally weaned James.  I know, I know – he is nearly 20 months old and clearly doesn’t need to be breastfed anymore, but I struggled every time I tried to wean him.  I was also lazy – it was so much easier feeding him than schlep downstairs to fill a bottle with milk, heat it up and head back upstairs again.

I also loved the connection I felt every night as he would play with my hand, necklace or jumper and look up at me with such innocent eyes, full of love.

On Friday night I gave him a bottle and after a bit of protesting on his behalf, he did drink most of it.  I tucked him into bed and I burst into tears.  I was surprised by the emotion, but I felt overwhelmed that our little boy is growing up.  Since his challenging start in life with a birth weight of 2.0 kilos, I realised I have subconsciously over-compensated by feeding him – to ‘fatten’ him up!  It is now an end of an era for me and I recently worked out that I fed Poppy for 14 months, James for 20 months, with a combined total of 34 months or nearly 3 years!!  Yikes.

Looking on the bright side, I will now have my body back and more energy to run around with him.  Little man, thank you for the most amazing experience – I love seeing you prosper each and every day!

James - 2 days old

James - 2 days old

Tool Belt



From This …

3 Weeks Old

To This …

17 Weeks

What a transformation!

James was 3 weeks old in the top photo and only weighed 3 kilos, and now at 17 weeks Mr Spotty is sporting quite the physique!  Thank goodness for good old Mama’s milk!

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